Feeling Confident Around Water: Naleni Amarnath

My name is Naleni Amarnath. I am a 58-year-old mother of two grown children.

When I was about 10 years old, I almost drowned in a stream in my home country of Malaysia, and my fear of water began. Although my kids tried to teach me, I never learned to swim. I could never get into a pool or the sea without complete fear.

After I found myself unable to fully enjoy myself in the waters of Cancun, I decided to sign up for Adult Beginners Swim Lessons at the Jordan YMCA last fall. I was rather nervous.

Getting Confident Around Water

Peggy, our swim coach, was kind, warm, and very encouraging. She did her best to make me feel comfortable in the water. We were at the shallow end for the first few lessons. We slowly started making our way to the deep end. By the 4th class, I made it to the deep end, even though I was holding the wall for dear life.

Peggy patiently works with each student’s level of comfort and experience in the water. She never pushes us but encourages us to take the extra step. I am beginning to gain more confidence and I am feeling less fearful in the pool.

I am currently in my fourth session with the Beginner Swim Lessons class. I will continue to take lessons with Peggy until I am confident to swim without the assistance of any flotation device. I am confident she will help me become a fearless swimmer.

I am so grateful to Peggy for having come this far. I am thankful for her dedication and patience in training me to swim!

If you want to get more confident around water learn more at Jordan YMCA

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