Swim lessons making a splash!

Sarah, a member here at the Jordan Y, and mom to Henry, a swim lessons participant, sent us her heart-warming story. Enjoy the read below!

I feel it is important to share the positive impact your team is making on the youth in our community, specifically with my son, Henry.

We have been attending group swim lessons at the Jordan Y off and on since Henry was a baby. Once he started preschool swimming this summer, he had zero interest in participating without his mom or dad in the water with him. Over the last few months, staff have been very flexible and kind about letting us get in the pool and participate with him, hoping he would eventually warm up and gravitate to an instructor.

[A few months ago] Ms. Brandy noticed Henry’s reluctance and asked to work with him/us. She was bubbly, friendly, kind, respected Henry’s space, and very knowledgeable. I could tell Henry was slowly warming up to her. She was patient and silly. She related to him. She shared her knowledge about sting rays and fire trucks with him. She even showed him a tooth from a sting ray she had found that day cleaning their tanks at the zoo. That was a great swim lesson for him.

The next week, Ms. Brandy greeted Henry with the same positive energy as the week before, but it was returned with a meltdown.  A big “I fell asleep in the car and my mom woke me up and made me get in a cold pool” meltdown that took up most of the class. Ms. Brandy was sweet and patient with Henry and stayed by our side. She didn’t give up. Toward the end of class, he was again warming up to her and began blowing bubbles, kicking water, singing songs, smiling and laughing with her.  That week was the first lesson I was able to get out of the pool and he was okay with it!
Brandy even stayed after the lesson for 15 minutes to continue to work with him and explain techniques to me.

The following week Henry was ready to swim. Ms. Brandy greeted him and introduced him to Ms. Talisha and they both worked with him. Again, she was bubbly, playful and silly. He immediately warmed up and I was able to sit outside of the pool and watch for the first time ever! Attached is a picture I snapped that perfectly depicts the joy in both their faces. Ms. Brandy is an excellent instructor and a loving and passionate coach who goes above and beyond. She didn’t have to dedicate three weeks of lessons to my son, but she chose to take on the challenge. Thank you Ms. Brandy for going above and beyond!

We still have a long way to go but this is a huge step in the right direction and I am grateful for her patience and support.

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