Former competitive swimmer gains confidence, loses weight with MultiFit

After years of continual weight gain, one morning I realized that a change needed to happen after I had trouble with the simple task of tying my shoe.

Having been a competitive swimmer in the distant past, it seemed natural to start out swimming again. I started out slowly and took time to regain comfort in the pool, and then my fitness level slowly began to increase. As I gained confidence in my swimming again, I found out about Masters Swimming and entered my first meet in several years.

At the swim meet, I was introduced to the Jordan YMCA when I met the Jordan YMCA MultiFit (JYMF) group. Everyone I met was welcoming and always invited me to sit with them at future meets and spoke with me about their interested in swimming and triathlons. These swim meets eventually led to my first attempt at triathlons, where I continued to meet more JYMF members.

The friendliness and support of the JYMF crew led me to the Jordan YMCA as a MultiFit member. I am continually impressed by the support and encouragement that everyone shows to each other. They represent the YMCA and its mission every day in their actions to each other as well as to other members of the YMCA.

Over 100 pounds lost and able to compete in Ironman

I believe in the YMCA mission and its commitment to the development of youth and community. I am proud to help support the mission through my membership and involvement in the MultiFit group. The strength I receive through the group to continually improve my health has enabled me to lose over 100 pounds since that day I had trouble tying my shoes. Their strength has even pushed me to complete an Ironman.

I love coming to the YMCA and seeing the welcoming faces of the staff and sharing fitness goal with other members.


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Scott participating in one of his many Multifit events.

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