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February 7, 2017

Julie Welch Personal Training Story with Trainer Jenna Molinar

"I have been diagnosed Pre-diabetic. To combat it I must be active on a regular basis. I had the cardio part down. However, the thought of strength training was not something I felt was possible on my own. And honestly, I lacked the discipline. Originally, I joined a small group training class outside the Y, but it ended up being way too pricey and further away for me. The Ransburg YMCA was very convenient and the training prices were within my budget. Jenna was a perfect match for me! We have to meet early in the morning before my busy work schedule and she is always prepared and ready to raise me from the dead at that crazy time! I used to dread coming in. However, Jenna catered to my needs, yet challenged me to work harder than I thought I could. She makes our sessions enjoyable. It’s a giant difference between lifting weights on my own and personal training because Jenna is my accountability partner. I like her because we can get the workout done efficiently, yet have fun. She has an “evil” laugh when an exercise is getting hard! We have been working together for a year and a half and I have noticed that my strength has greatly increased! I have always struggled with sleep issues. This dramatically changed because I have managed to stay consistent with my twice-a-week sessions. I think the combination of weights and cardio have helped me get to sleep at night easier. With consistency, my pre-diabetes is kept under control without any medication! I am proud of that! I recommend anyone to get a personal trainer. Jenna takes the stress off of me having to plan my workouts and I trust in her abilities to help me achieve my goals. I love the Ransburg center as well because they don’t do it for the money. Lots of gyms are strict about contracts that you cannot get out of or put on hold. I appreciate the YMCA and my personal trainer Jenna."  

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Inspire us with Personal Training!


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