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Lara Kitty’s Why the Y?

August 29, 2022

When Lara Kitty and her young family moved to Indianapolis, they were in search of a home that was near a YMCA

Shortly after settling in, she received a YMCA No Join Fee Membership promotion postcard. “I was nervous about joining a gym because I would have to find care for my 18-month-old, and be away from him,” Lara explains. When she turned the postcard over, it read, “free childcare while you work out.” Lara was sold! “We walk here almost every day. It’s part of our routine,” Lara shares. “After joining the Jordan YMCA, I started participating in personal training, small group training, and various other exercise classes.” Lara Kitty was focused on gaining strength and confidence, and although she initially lost 20 pounds, weight loss wasn’t her main objective. She says that losing weight is great, but it’s important to feel good about your overall health. Her main focus was her mental health. As a stay-at-home mom, the availability of the Play & Learn program made her feel comfortable in leaving him in the care of YMCA professionals, and she was only a few steps away from her son, Brig. “This program suddenly made exercise accessible to me, during times that suited me best.” Lara Kitty's journal

Lara Kitty's Family Coming to the Y

At the time the Kitty family joined the Y, Lara’s son was only a year and a half, and they had never left him with anyone before. Lara explains that Brig did very well with the staff, especially with Kat. As their Y journey continued, Lara and her son got more involved with family activities. Soon they found themselves making use of other children’s programming, including Kids Night Out, holiday events, and preschool. He now attends preschool 3 days per week, and looks forward to going to Play & Learn on his days off. Lara continues to work out, meet with other preschool moms, and enjoy her overall experience at the Jordan Y. “Thank you to all the Jordan YMCA workers! A special thanks to my Personal Trainer, Andrew, with whom I can’t wait to sign up again!” The positive impact on Lara Kitty’s mental health is an intangible benefit. The relationship she and her husband have with their son has been strengthened from his gained confidence. Their marriage has benefited from date nights helped by the Kids’ Night Out programming. A cherished friendship has blossomed with another mother whose son is also in preschool. And it all started with a postcard. The goal of the YMCA is to offer services, like the ones that have benefitted Lara Kitty, to everyone in our community. Our Annual Campaign helps to make that possible. Make a difference today by visiting this page! To experience all that's available from your YMCA check out the following: Personal Training Small Group Training Free Childcare Play & Learn Kids Night Out & Special Family Activities

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