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Lloyd Crain: Veteran, Y-goer, Musician

December 19, 2019

Dedication. Perseverance. Honor. These are three words you might associate with a Veteran. Lloyd CrainLloyd Crain, embodies these words and so much more. Serving our country for 33 years in both the Marines and Airforce, Lloyd now spends a lot of time at the YMCA. But don’t worry, he didn’t wait until he was out of the military to join the Y revolution. Lloyd has been a Veteran Y Member for many years, joining early on to maintain physical standards for work. While he’s retired from the military, he still attends the YMCA for a variety of reasons.

Starting out only part-time at Ransburg (the military requires much travel), he has been a full-time member since 2012. A friendly, older gentleman, Lloyd enjoys coming to the YMCA to meet people and keep in shape. He’s lost 26 pounds in 6 weeks!

Lloyd Crain Hobbies

Lloyd spends much time at the YMCA and spent much of his life serving his country, but what else does this veteran like to do?

Lloyd Crain is a big fan of ballroom dance, sings in his church choir and can be found performing at the Jazz Kitchen with his music teacher! He’s also learning to play the piano.

If you see this veteran around the YMCA, ask him about music or his favorite workout routine!

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