Derrick realized his outstanding artistic ability early on, but did not pursue it. He spent most of his time playing basketball and chasing girls. It wasn't until he got into an accident that the course of his life was changed forever.

“I was on my way to junior prom, and I was assisting my date, when I was run down by a van. I broke every bone on the right side of my body, except my right arm and hand (that I used to create my art). That was my wake-up call and testimony that God gave me a gift, and that I should use it,” said Derrick.

After spending over six months in a hospital, Derrick made the decision to pursue his art career and not put it off any longer. He has been featured in Nuvo, Indianapolis Recorder, and Indy Arts Guide. You can check out Derrick Carter originals on his website, The Art in Carter. Derrick also has a beautiful five-canvas piece at the Indianapolis Airport.

[caption id="attachment_15063" align="alignnone" width="500"]Derrick Carter's installment at the Indianapolis Airport. Photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Recorder[/caption]

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