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Mom Loses Weight With Personal Training

January 14, 2019
Confidence and freedom are two of the benefits Witham Family Y member Kala Newell has found since joining. Kala is a busy mom and a student who is making her health a priority.
“I am a mom to a 5-year-old little human who has autism and keeps me on my toes non-stop,” she says.

Bariatric surgery leads Kala to personal training

Kala has been a member at the Y for two years and began personal training in January after undergoing bariatric surgery in October of 2017. She was inspired to start personal training after the surgery and to keep up with her son.
“Personal Training with Monta has given me confidence mentally and physically,” says Kala. “It’s shown me things that I never thought I’d be able to do.”
Kala has lost 150 pounds since October, 55 of them since she started personal training. She’s also had a number of non-scale victories. Kala has gained the strength to work out in Wellness Center and at home – even squatting with her son when working out at home. She’s lost six pant sizes and four shirt sizes and is excited to shop at clothing stores that she wasn’t able to before her weight loss.
“Having a personal trainer for six months, three times a week is exactly how I got these results,” says Kala. “Building my stamina and core in the pool was probably the best thing Monta ever did for me before throwing me into the gym.”

"Personal training has changed my life"

The Y has become an important part of life for Kala and her son. “My Y membership has given me a sense of freedom. It’s given me confidence. It’s given me a whole new world with my son. Personal training not only changed my life, but it changed my son’s life as well.” Kala’s determination to improve her health has been an inspiration to staff and members alike. Congratulations, Kala, on all of your victories!

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Mom Loses Weight With Personal Training

Busy mom Kala has found confidence and freedom and makes health a priority since personal training at the Witham Family Y.

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