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Muscle Man

December 22, 2016

Before becoming a Muscle Man

For the past 30 years, Steve has worked in a career where most of his day is spent sitting in one position programming or monitoring the output of several Television Stations. When he first started working at the Broadcast company he weighed 175 pounds and over the years gained around 75 pounds. Knowing that his weight was becoming an issue, it was time to make a change because he never thought he would become this person.

Steves Muscle Man Transformation

He joined the Ransburg YMCA and over the 1st year he walked on a treadmill 5 days out of the week. During that time, he lost 50 pounds. He then changed his workout to add weight machines along with the treadmill. His second year at the Y, he lost another 15 pounds with a total weight loss of 65 pounds over 2 years. Steve started participating in half hour personal training sessions with Jennifer Whittle. The half hour sessions were too short for him, so he expanded his training sessions to one hour. This gave him the opportunity to have more time for new exercises and ask her any questions he had. It also gave Jennifer the chance to plan a full body workout for him, as well as show him how to correctly perform new exercises safely and efficiently. Through his personal training sessions, Steve lost another 10 pounds and has developed muscle definition in his upper body, stomach and back that he has never had before. To his amazement these results are happening very quickly and have been very blessed to have Jennifer helping him out. In March 2016, Steve added the PiYo classes. He would have never thought to do these classes before starting this health journey. PiYo has continued to help Steve strengthen his body and helped him become even more of a muscle man!

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