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Mom Loses Weight, Becomes Instructor at the Y

June 28, 2019

After overcoming postpartum depression and changing her eating habits, Jenn joined the Witham Family YMCA to focus on exercise as a part of her lifestyle change. She fell in love with Les Mills BodyPump™ classes at the Y and with the encouragement of her instructor, Jenn took the plunge and became a certified BodyPump™ instructor herself.

Starting her journey

Jenn gave birth to her son in 2014 and struggled to lose the weight she gained while pregnant. Her starting weight after suffering and overcoming postpartum depression was over 250 lbs.

In January of 2017, Jenn decided she’d had enough and wanted to lose the weight and change her life. She focused on her food addiction and changed her whole lifestyle. Jenn lost over 75 lbs. by changing her eating habits. After a year, her personal trainer and dietician recommended she join a gym and focus on exercise, too.

Options for her whole family

In March of 2018, Jenn and her family joined the Witham Family YMCA.

“It is close to my home and a great place for my entire family,” says Jenn. “My whole family could get exercise, and it was safe place for my son to be when I chose to work out.”

Right away, Jenn participated in the free group exercise classes at the Y. She has taken almost all of them and fell in love with the Les Mills BodyPump™ class.

“I started attending the Les Mills BodyPump™ classes taught by a YMCA instructor, Marla, and it made a huge impact on my fitness and weight loss journey,” says Jenn. “I have lost another 10 or so pounds and feel so much stronger. My body has changed so much in shape and feel since I've started classes. Marla was so welcoming and made me feel like I could do anything."

Passion turns into an opportunity

After seeing Jenn’s passion for the class, Marla encouraged her to become certified as a Les Mills BodyPump™ instructor. She was reluctant at first because she still felt inadequate to be a “fitness instructor,” but she went for it, thanks to the encouragement from Marla and others.

“It was the hardest training I have ever participated in both mentally and physically,” says Jenn. “I met so many strong and amazing women at the training who I am still in contact with today.”

Now, Jenn teaches Les Mills BodyPump™ one to three times a week at the Witham Family YMCA and couldn’t be happier to be part of both the Les Mills Tribe and the Y's Wellness Team. “I enjoy coming to the gym and ‘working’ it is something I never thought I would say,” says Jenn. “The YMCA has become part of my lifestyle.”

“My favorite part of the group exercise program is meeting people of all walks of life – some who are just starting their journey, and some who are veterans,” says Jenn. “I am constantly learning and growing from all the people I have come across teaching and hope that my story can help encourage and show people that anyone can do what I do.”

Healthy habits for all

The Y has become a part of life for Jenn’s whole family. Jenn’s husband uses the wellness center almost daily, and their son has participated in swim lessons and the youth soccer program.

“Our membership has opened many doors for my family,” says Jenn. “I love that the YMCA is a family-oriented organization, helping create healthy habits for our whole family. We have all changed our workout habits, and my son has witnessed these changes in us and even wants to participate.”

Do YOU want to be an instructor?

View the job openings on our Health & Wellness team. Or maybe you'd like to try a fitness class. Check out the Group Exercise schedules at the YMCAs in Central Indiana.

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Mom Loses Weight, Becomes Instructor at the Y

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