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No More Excuses

December 20, 2016

When it came to gaining weight, Ashely blamed her environment. Like many, Ashley turned to food for comfort when things got tough in her life. She turned to food to fill the emptiness and sadness she felt when her parents got a divorce, feeling self-conscious because of her taller and overweight years in middle school, and a boy telling her she was fat.

When she started down an unhealthy road to an eating disorder, she turned to not eating at all and working out until her legs would give out. This battle continued through college. After college, she met Ryan and they both found themselves constantly eating out and becoming workaholics. This refueled her love and addiction towards food.

Referring to herself as the “fat” girl who couldn’t do anything and the “queen of excuses,” she wanted someone else to hold her accountable for her fitness goals. Ashley decided it was time to take control. She signed up for group classes and personal training at the YMCA. After her Personal Training session, Ashley now holds herself accountable and loves the positive encouragement she receives!

Through her Personal Trainer, JoLynn, Ashley has learned healthier eating habits and gained a renewed sense of confidence. She has learned that fitness is a journey, not an end destination; and along the way she lost 20 pounds. Ashley is now happier, stronger, and more energetic – no more excuses for this girl!

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