It sounds simple, but this motto has changed the life of this Benjamin Harrison YMCA Member.

"Keep moving," is this 72-year-old Indy resident’s mantra. She had a stroke in 2010. Dorothy Hammonds didn't want someone to wait on her hand and foot: she was going to help herself. Starting out small, in 2015, Dorothy began swim lessons at the B... Read More

Gym dedication honors Baxter founding member

North Gym dedication honors founding member

On Wednesday, April 19, the Baxter YMCA staff will honor one of its founding members be dedicating the North Gym in her memory. The ceremony will take place from 3:45-4:45 pm, during which time, open gym will be canceled. Annabel Jane Spangle ... Read More

Inspire us!

Jenna catered to my needs, yet challenged me to work harder than I thought I could

Member: Julie Welch ; Personal Trainer: Jenna Molinar "I have been diagnosed Pre-diabetic. To combat it I must be active on a regular basis. I had the cardio part down. However, the thought of strength training was not something I felt was possibl... Read More

Regaining Lost Confidence

Fishers YMCA Personal Training

Paul has dealt with back trouble and pinched nerves for 15 years.  Although the condition responded favorably to physical therapy, he found relief - and renewed confidence - through personal training at the Fishers YMCA. A series of medical condit... Read More

Life Changer

Paul’s Journey: 25 Steps to Fun

Paul’s journey started with chronic back pain, high blood pressure, and many other health issues that restricted him to having to use an electric wheel chair, a small portable electric scooter or a walker. His weight topped at 315 pounds and reduc... Read More