Muscle Man

50: The Number of Pounds Steve Lost in 1 Year

For the past 30 years, Steve has worked in a career where most of his day is spent sitting in one position programming or monitoring the output of several Television Stations. When he first started working at the Broadcast company he weighed 175 poun... Read More

Road to Recovery

Thomas Felton’s Y Story

Thomas Felton grew up going to the local YMCA in Brooklyn, NY. Throughout the years, he played on Y baseball teams and participated in pick-up basketball games. Thomas flourished into a talented baseball player and earned a full baseball scholarship ... Read More

Personal Training Gave Rico More Energy, Better Health

Anthony Brings Fun, Motivation to Rico's Fitness Routine

I have been a truck driver for over 10 years and have seen myself decline. Over the 10 years I have gained 100 pounds and have noticed my activity level decline. I had no energy to play with my daughter or help around the house. I have also noticed t... Read More


Feeling Confident Around Water: Naleni Amarnath

My name is Naleni Amarnath. I am a 58-year-old mother of two grown children. When I was about 10 years old, I almost drowned in a stream in my home country of Malaysia, and my fear of water began. Although my kids tried to teach me, I never learne... Read More

Making a Change

Scott Workman: Making a Change

My journey to the Jordan YMCA started a few years before I officially joined. I found, like so many others, that the pressures of family, job, and life overwhelmed my time with no commitment to exercise or a healthy, active lifestyle. After years of ... Read More