Cooper’s story

2015: The Year that Cooper Grew at the Y Preschool

When we moved back to Indiana in 2015, our middle child was just about to turn three. He was shy and almost completely non-verbal. Unlike our daughter, who was excited to start pre-k, Cooper wanted nothing to do with it and we were incredibly unsure ... Read More

Pure Devotion

5x a Week: How Often Jackie Comes to the Y

For almost 2 years, Jackie Searcy has been a devoted member of the Ransburg YMCA. Jackie underwent knee replacement surgery in early 2014, and her orthopedic surgeon and her doctor told her to go to the Y, as it would be the best place for her physic... Read More

Wellness Warrior

Nancy Saulmon

Nancy joined the Witham Family YMCA when it opened in 2010. She was looking for a place where she could participate in programs like water aerobics that helped improve her fitness levels. Sure enough, Nancy has been involved in the water aerobics sin... Read More

Take control of your health with the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes Prevention Program at the YMCA

Have you been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, or just looking for a way to lose weight? This program can help!  Scholarships are available for those 60 and older.  Please contact Melissa Venkateswaran at at 317-865-6471 or to ... Read More

Benjamin Harrison YMCA Celebrates 20 Years


The Benjamin Harrison YMCA is celebrating 20 years of changing lives!   Enjoy this story about how we got starting and the amazing feats we have accomplished since! Read More