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Personal Training: A Step Toward the Best Version of You

April 11, 2019

Almost every fitness facility has one thing in common: they offer personal training. The trainers are hard to miss with their clipboards in hand, and their shirts emblazoned with TRAINER.

When you think about the pros and cons of personal training, don't forget these five reasons why personal training is a perfect investment in your health.

1. Safety first

First things first, trainers are there to ensure you are exercising safely and effectively. It’s easy to come in to the gym and try a new exercise. What isn’t always easy is getting the form right. Having a trainer to cue you and make small tweaks allows you to work out effectively, while reducing your risk of injury.

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2. Form matters

Second, trainers know how to spot where your form needs adjusting, because they are educated in the exercise field. Not only did they study to get their certification, they are required to continue their education to maintain their certification. You get to learn about health and fitness from a certified professional.

3. Catered to you

Third, personal trainers can give you a unique and personalized exercise plan. No matter what you're training for, or if you need extra personalization physically, or mentally, a personal trainer is the person for the job! Personal trainers can give specific exercise programs to help clients with MS, diabetes and cancer, among many others. If you're not sure if it's safe to exercise or which ones to do because of a condition, a personal trainer can design a program that is safe and effective and specific to your needs.

4. Accountability

The fourth reason personal trainers are a worthy investment, is that they will push you to do your absolute best and keep you accountable. It’s easy to stop running, stay at the same weight for a lift, or even skip the gym altogether when you're by yourself. When you work with a trainer, you have someone who won’t let you quit if you can do more and who will push you to constantly improve and take your fitness to new heights.

5. It's personal

Last but not least, personal trainers do this job, because they are dedicated to their clients. They love making personal connections through fitness and helping you reach your goals. There is nothing greater for a trainer than when their client hits a goal or shows improvement. With a personal trainer it is one-on-one time only for you. You don’t have to worry about getting an instructor’s attention to ask a question or worry about keeping up with the class. A personal trainer is all about you and you alone.

Why wait?

Personal training can be for everyone. So why wait? Set up your free demo or sign up at personaltraining@indymca.org today. Register for PT sessions by April 19 and receive a free T-shirt.

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