On her husbands encouragement Beth started a health journey that has transformed her life.

Read what Beth White has to say about important things and her experience with Personal Training at the Ransburg YMCA:

After having my son later in life, it became clear to me that I needed to take better care of myself. Especially while chasing after a toddler, I needed more energy, flexibility, and strength. I owed it to my son to develop a healthier body.

I started out being very hesitant about personal training because I didn’t think it was the right fit for me. However, my husband insisted on giving it a try.

Every now and then he is right about important things and now I am very glad I got over my initial fear. Motivation had always been a problem for me and I needed Jenna to keep me accountable and make sure to set aside time to train. With an extremely busy work schedule, time has always been a limiting factor.

Jenna and I immediately clicked. She is more like a friend than a trainer and I look forward to our early morning sessions every week. I know I can count on Jenna to be in a good mood, even though I am not! Since we have started training, I have noticed my strength, flexibility, and balance getting better each time we meet. I also feel like I am aging slower due to the increased focus on my health and fitness.

When I turned 50, I realized no one can take care of my health but me. If I want to stay young, active and healthy I have got to put the work in, as all of us do. Jenna is there to not only help but keep me interested with different exercises and keep me working harder than I would alone.

I am thankful for the YMCA’s personal training program because it provides the extra push I need in order to accomplish more than I could on my own. I look forward to continuing my fitness and health journey with Jenna alongside me every step of the way.