The Chelsea Challenge is off and running, with the first class under her belt. Ready to Join her?

The Chelsea Challenge has taken off in full swing.

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with what the Chelsea Challenge is, I (Chelsea), Ransburg YMCA’s marketing coordinator, have a goal of making it to every class and meeting each of you while getting the full YMCA experience.

First up was Tara’s 6:30 Friday morning BODYPUMP class.

I was warned by Brad, our Associate Wellness Director, that the class would be difficult – he didn’t lie.

I’m not a physically fit person, and I don’t work out on the regular (at least not before this challenge). BODYPUMP is a class that works your whole body while lifting weights at a fast pace in intervals.

Already intimidated by working out in a group, I grabbed all the necessary items to start – a weighted bar, a raised bench, a mat, free weights, and dumbbells. It was a lot and I was overwhelmed.

Tara and the members of the class quickly coached me on not only what I needed, but how to use the items.

We started.

We jumped right in with the weighted bar – squats, deadlifts, rows, and other things I don’t know the names of. I was encouraged to move forward if I could, but take a break if I needed it – the assurance that it was okay to not overexert myself / hurt myself was nice.

We moved to core and more arms. I definitely don’t know the names of these exercises, but I can tell you that using two-pound weights, my arms are still sore.

I don’t want this to alarm anyone, the class is great – it’s fun, the people are upbeat, the music is energizing and everyone is welcoming.

The class IS hard, but they encourage beginners to do a “starter session” of four songs so you don’t overdo it too much and build from there.

I took this route and I think my legs and arms will thank me later.

So what are you waiting for?

Hydrate and get pumped for BODYPUMP!

I’ll see you at the Ransburg YMCA for the next Chelsea Challenge!

— Guest written by Chelsea Hugunin, Ransburg YMCA Marketing Coordinator