Chelsea takes a Zumba class in this round of the Chelsea Challenge.

Zumba is a zoom, zoom class – you keep moving and grooving the whole time!

Zumba with Kathy is no different than what you would expect, and you’ll feel the class in your WHOLE body. Having done Zumba before, I didn’t think the class would affect me too much, but oh boy, was I wrong.

Ransburg YMCA Zumba

What is a Zumba class like?

Five minutes into the class – with just bodyweight – my arms felt every movement. Don’t let this frighten you though. As every other instructor so far has mentioned, it’s a do what you can class. Modify as you need to and take breaks when your body tells you to.

Modifications aren’t just for toning down the workout, but also beefing it up. Some members of the class add hand weights to make the movements more difficult and tone muscle more, but you don’t really need them. Your bodyweight is plenty to get you started and leave you JUST sore enough.

The 9 a.m. class fills up quickly. Although there’s no cap on participants, you should arrive a few minutes early to ensure a “good spot.” However, the mirrors in the aerobics room make it easy to see the instructor from all angles.

The movements, for the most part, are easy to follow along with and repeat throughout the song. If you don’t get the movements on the first round, don’t worry, you get to try again the next verse.

The music ranges all over the place – but each song holds strong beats and has a setup to make it easy to dance to.

Tired of traditional classes and weightlifting? Give Zumba a try. You won’t regret it, but you’ll definitely feel it.