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I have tried exercising before.  I didn’t ever see any workout results. As a matter of fact, I got bigger. This was extremely frustrating. How could it be that I was trying so hard and not getting the results I wanted? My drive was gone! I had tried others before, but it was never the right fit for me. I needed the right push.

Enter my trainer Phil Hale!

Crystal Warner Finally Gets Workout Results

While training with Phil you find yourself trying harder because he expects it from you and knows how to bring the drive out of you. He’s kind of sneaky! Before you know it, you are doing things you never, ever even thought you could. I find he cares about what I want and my goals. He makes little suggestions with exercises that actually work. I can bring his knowledge to my daily workouts. He really takes his time to show you what and how to do a variety of exercises that will get you the results you are looking for. During the week, he checks in on me and that helps to keep me on track! It’s nice to have someone looking after me and keeping me motivated. I trust his abilities so much, I even have my kids working with him!

Something that has shocked me is that I’m becoming flexible! I never thought I would be able to notice a difference like that. Being more flexible has really helped me in my everyday life especially with my posture. It’s nice to stand up straighter. My knee and shoulder used to give me problems and they don’t hurt as much as they used to. I am actually starting to believe that I can achieve my long term goal of being healthy without any medications.


-by Crystal Warner (client)


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