The YMCA offers several youth camps to choose from - find the right one for your family

Summer CAMP.

This word is famous to kids – but what does it really entail? Not all youth camps are the same, and summer camp at the YMCA is out of this world.

Jump. Play. Swim. Learn.

The YMCA offers several youth day camps.

  • Preschool summer camp for your little ones is complete with arts, songs, games and outdoor activities.
  • Traditional summer camp with archery, swimming, arts and field games keeps each day different.
  • Sports summer camps allow campers to refine skills, work on drills and learn new rules.
  • Enrichment camp allows them to learn new things – how to be a ninja warrior or create tasty treats.

But why is camp important?

Camp encourages young minds to play, collaborate and learn with people different from themselves, creating love and acceptance as they grow older. This time also encourages them to learn, play and remain active, not only physically but mentally. Campers also gain knowledge in a structured environment, empowering them to be more independent and confident.

So why wait?

With so many youth camps available, there’s guaranteed to be a youth camp best suited for your family. Don’t delay, register today and open the world of possibilities.