Inspire Us story _ Lydia Banton and Melissa Gustafson

Before Melissa, I had a hard time staying consistent with my workouts. I had always struggled with my weight and had only experienced success whenever I had a trainer to keep me accountable. However, the second I would discontinue, I would get completely off track! Going to the gym every now and then was not enough. I knew I had to do something to get me motivated to achieve my health and fitness goals.

Why Personal Training

Personal training was a must for me and I wanted to find someone fast! Melissa practices what she preaches because of her own inspiring powerlifting goals. I felt like Melissa was going to be exactly who I needed since I struggled with consistency. Her motivation techniques inspire me to stay active in my journey. It is obvious Melissa is very knowledgeable due to the many different exercises and workouts she uses. I love having an accountability partner to keep me going, no matter what!

I really notice how much my strength has improved and cannot wait to see what the future brings. Melissa is also teaching me how to avoid hurting myself before, during and after my workouts. Having someone paying attention to my form gives me confidence when I am by myself.

The main thing I notice about the Ransburg YMCA is the supportive community! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly! It is what makes me want to come, even if it’s been a hard day. It’s refreshing to feel like I am being included and accepted into the Y family. I love what training with Melissa has given me and I know I am not alone in my fitness journey!

Personal training at the YMCA

We want to thank Lydia for her story and her YMCA story. If you want to learn more about our Personal Training programs, reach out to your YMCA, and get a success story of your own.


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Thanks to Ransburg Y, I'm not alone in my fitness journey.

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