5x a Week: How Often Jackie Comes to the Y

Jackie Searcy has pure devotion to her workouts

For almost 2 years, Jackie Searcy has been a devoted member of the Ransburg YMCA. Jackie underwent knee replacement surgery in early 2014, and her orthopedic surgeon and her doctor told her to go to the Y, as it would be the best place for her physical therapy.

Since joining the Y under her doctor’s orders, she has seen great improvement in her mobility. She even boasts that since her involvement with the Y, she hasn’t used her walking cane for anything other than walking on slippery surfaces…and she used to need it everywhere she went.

Jackie comes to the Ransburg YMCA 5 times a week, and she enjoys attending a water aerobics class, every day at 9:30am and 10:30am! Her favorite teachers currently are Angie and Beth Ann, but she has yet to meet an instructor she doesn’t love!

When asked why she comes to our YMCA, and our Y only, she explains that the Ransburg Y is home…the people at the front desk, they always have a smile on their face- always…you cannot beat the smiles here. Jackie likes to bake and she sometimes comes to the Y bearing sweet treats for the staff, because she feels they are sweet people. We love Jackies pure devotion to the YMCA and love being dedicated to her fitness.

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Jackie Searcy has been a devoted member of the Ransburg YMCA for almost 2 years.

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