Ransburg Y - Heart of the community

How Ransburg Y became the heart of the community

“For the people who know Ransburg, they love it! For the people who don’t know it, they will definitely be pleasantly surprised. The Ransburg Y has a load of good things to offer and by God’s grace and with generous donors like you, the Ransburg YMCA will continue to support the community in a big way!” – Sheri Lynn Riley, Marketing Manager at KEMBA Credit Union.

Meet Sheri Lynn Riley! She has been a Ransburg Y board member for over 4 years. Born and raised in the Ransburg Y’s home community, she is a proud “east side girl”. She truly belives that Ransburg Y has become the heart of the community.

Sheri was first introduced to Ransburg when she was a child by her babysitter and she has been a part of Ransburg ever since. Over the years, Sheri has seen how the Y has helped people in the community to have a safe place, a warm hub to bond with people and make new friends, an enriching and nourishing atmosphere for kids and teens, and an active platform for the seniors. “Being at Ransburg is like an experience loaded with strong values, a motivation for one’s good health in body, mind, and spirit.”

In addition to being a Center Advisory Board member, Sheri has also been the co-chair of the Y’s Annual Campaign. The Annual Campaign raises funds each year for scholarships for children, families, and seniors to be able to come to the Y, and helps encourage the heart of the community. While talking about why she feels strongly about raising funds for the Ransburg YMCA, she says, “Services like the Ransburg YMCA are a NEED, not a want, to help keep the Eastside community healthy. Everybody takes something from the community, whether they realize it or not. Even the people who don’t belong to Ransburg or don’t necessarily need the services at Ransburg must realize that they still need Ransburg in the community. Because it helps the community – our seniors, our young people – all that impacts all of us. As you are able, you need to give back to the community. For some it might be their money; for some it might be their time. The ways you give are varied. But the Annual Campaign is so important because that’s what keeps the doors open for everyone. Every dollar raised here stays here at Ransburg and every dollar counts. Your two dollars can be paired up with my five dollars and someone else’s twenty dollars and that can help a child go to preschool for a month or be safe around water by taking swim lessons! Your one dollar can be a life changer for someone!”

She strongly believes that Ransburg YMCA is the heart of the community and she considers it her responsibility to actively participate in causes like the Ransburg YMCA for giving back to her “home” community. Sheri is a strong advocate for the betterment of the community that both the Ransburg YMCA and KEMBA Credit Union serves and would like to see many more minds and hands come together with her to serve the community. Find out how you can help Sheri and KEMBA Credit Union support the Ransburg Y today!

Ransburg Y - Heart of the community

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