Trainer Marla Pushes with Caring, Compassion

“I discovered I had lupus when I was 22 years old and a year later had kidney disease. Due to the demands of the everyday life of being a mother, this new normal meant I needed help with my poor diet, lack of exercise, and desire for a healthier life. My disease required a long dose of steroids. After 9 months, I stepped on the scale and it read 198 pounds.” – Sherrie Steaman

Not letting kidney disease be an excuse

I told myself it was time to make a change, but I was not sure exactly how. Everyone has to start somewhere and that is where the Ransburg YMCA came into my life. Marla helped me from the very beginning and helps me to be successful. When I’m busy beating myself up she is there to encourage and inspire.

If you put your mind and body to it, you can overcome all difficulties

I always feel great during and after our sessions, especially since I know that my own future health relies on sticking to our sessions consistently. Since training with her I have lost inches and pounds. I also feel stronger and have a great deal of natural energy coming back into my life and body. Marla Rubalcava pushes me beyond what I could do on my own and keeps me on track with our sessions. She also cares about me as a person and my general health, not just my fitness level, and it is this extra level of compassion and caring that makes me feel comfortable and part of a family.

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