Water Fitness classes gave Randall a community and improved his overall health

At the YMCA, everyone has their own journey, each one unique. Randall joined the Y and gained some unexpected benefits through water fitness classes at the Y.

“I retired last spring and with the COVID 19 restrictions, I began looking for ways to exercise with the hope of improving my overall health and losing weight. In June of 2020, I began by joining the outdoor water fitness classes at the Ransburg YMCA.

It has been a great experience! I felt safer participating in this outdoor activity with the social distancing and other safety protocols the YMCA had in place. The workouts were great and over the months I lost 25 pounds and improved my overall fitness and breathing. I am still going on a daily basis to the Y.

In December, I contracted COVID-19 from an unknown source. I was so worried that with my age that it could be debilitating. However, I only had mild symptoms for a few days and after two weeks of being symptom-free, I was back at the YMCA with my friends in the water fitness classes and eGym.

I truly feel that my six months at the Y helped me deal with the virus much better than I would have, had I not gotten myself in better health. I’m so thankful for the Y and the great staff members who supported my fitness goals.”

Randall Schoeff

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Randall enjoys Water Fitness Classes at the Ransburg YMCA

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