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Recognizing a Volunteer’s Impact

February 28, 2019

Volunteers are key to the success of the YMCA. Our staff depends on the talent and the extra hands that make everything we do a little extra special. We are thankful to have the dedication of volunteers who support our work, our values and our mission to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. We recently recognized a few of these dedicated volunteers at the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA and recognized them with the 2018 Volunteer of the Year awards.

Youth Mission Award: Heidi Lewis

[caption id="attachment_13375" align="alignright" width="157"]Heidi Lewis- Youth Volunteer Award Winner Heidi Lewis[/caption]

The YMCA Youth Mission Award recognizes young people for their outstanding community service. These young people demonstrate outstanding citizenship and stand as examples to those around them. Heidi Lewis serves as this example. She is a recent early graduate from Avon High School, where she graduated with an Academic Honors Diploma. She spent much of her time as an active member of Business Professionals of America (BPA), competing on the local and state level.

Volunteering has also been a very big focus of Heidi’s high school years. For instance, she worked countless hours as an “ambassador” of Avon High School, representing AHS in the school and community. With her future in mind, Heidi then challenged herself to spend a large part of her senior year of high school working as an intern with the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA. Heidi was exposed to different rotations, providing her a holistic view of how the YMCA operates. As a result, the internship will serve her well in her next chapter in life, studying Accounting and/or Business in college.

Adult Mission Award: Joe McKinney

[caption id="attachment_13376" align="alignright" width="157"]Joe McKinney- Adult Mission Award Winner Joe McKinney[/caption]

The YMCA Adult Mission Award recognizes the outstanding service of volunteers that help advance the mission of the YMCA through their support in our programs and services. Joe McKinney has supported the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA Sports program for a couple of years now. He started with his son Cooper playing in our 3 year old basketball league. In addition, Joe has also help

ed coach soccer and t-Ball.

Joe has coached virtually every sport, however, basketball is his niche. He has helped with every age group ranging from 3 year old to high school, and currently coaches two different 6th grade girls’ travel teams. When coaching, Joe focuses on properly teaching the fundamentals for future success. In addition, he makes sure the children are encouraged and have fun. Joe specializes in getting the most out of the kids, no matter their skill set. Above all, Joe always encourages them to work hard, while teaching the kids specific skills for all the sports.  He is truly appreciated for the time he gives to make a difference for the youth.

Center Advisory Board Volunteer Award: Melissa Luebbert

The YMCA Center Advisory Board Volunteer Award recognizes an outstanding Board Member. Melissa Luebbert has always been passionate about giving back to her community. As a result, she currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA and has been an active

[caption id="attachment_13377" align="alignright" width="157"]Melissa Luebbert - Center Advisory Board Member Award Winner Melissa Luebbert[/caption]

member of the Center Advisory Board since 2013. In 2014, she was Co-Chair of the Community Campaign “Y for All,” leading fundraising efforts to ensure that YMCA programs and services are available to all families. She believes in the mission of the YMCA and has selflessly given much of her time supporting this organization, among others.

Since 2009, Melissa has been an active member of Avon Tri Kappa: an organization that promotes charity, culture, and education. Melissa currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Avon Chamber of Commerce and the West Central Conservancy District. Melissa’s service to our community continues through her work as executive director for the Avon Chick-Fil-A, a locally owned business that puts an emphasis on supporting the community and giving back.

Looking to Give Back?

Make a big difference. Above all, the generosity of others is at the core of our existence. When you volunteer at the Y, you take an active role in bringing about meaningful, enduring change in your own community. As a volunteer, you’ll be working with other caring, committed people who want to make a difference in your community.

Check out volunteer opportunities across the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis. We need coaches, mentors and many more helping hands.

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