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The Anderson Family Plays Hard Thanks to Play and Learn

August 1, 2019

About two years ago, Landon and Christina and their growing family joined the Y when they moved to Lebanon to start a new church. Landon is the pastor of Restoration Church Lebanon, which meets at the Witham Family YMCA. He's a busy dad and serves as the volunteer chaplain for YMCA. Christina is a busy mom of three children age 5 and under (soon to be four) and a nurse.

“The Witham Family YMCA has been a huge blessing to our family,” says Christina.

Kids play while mom, dad workout

Landon and Christina both enjoy meeting new people and getting a good workout in, and Play & Learn affords them that opportunity while their kids are able to have fun and learn.

“Play & Learn has served our children so well,” says Christina. “I love that my kids have a blast playing and learning while mom and dad get to work out.”

They also enjoy the Witham Family YMCA Early Learning Preschool.

“Our son just graduated this May after spending the last two years learning and growing to prepare for kindergarten,” says Christina. “Our oldest daughter is starting the program this fall, and we look forward to all the ways she will learn and grow.”

Learning new things

Anderson Family - Cora And Sadie Play Food | Play & Learn | Witham Family YMCA

Christina loves that with the Play & Learn program, her kids aren’t just going to a babysitter for a few hours, but are actually learning new things every time they go.

“I am so thankful for a place that I feel safe leaving my children for a few hours so I can take care of myself. It’s also great that my kids enjoy every second they are at the Y!”

Christina says she has been impressed with the themes taught each week and that her kids always bring home a craft or activity sheet on what they learned.

“I have even observed my son in the YMCA community garden learning about different plants and how they grow. It was great to observe my child learning in a different environment than he normally does.”

Part of the Y family

Christina's favorite part of being a member at the Y is having a community of people that know and love her family so well.

“I truly encourage and recommend every mom or dad in the area to bring his/her child to the Y, so your child can learn and have a great time while you get a break and can take care of yourself,” says Christina. “You won’t regret it!”

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