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Track Program Take Kids To the Finish Line

June 27, 2022

Michael began his track career when the local YMCA implemented a track program

He tried all of the sports offerings at the YMCA but immediately fell in love with the track. In his first sessions he learned about fundamentals and sportsmanship. Michael grew to love everything about the sport and excelled. His very first All City Track Program meet was a success: he assisted Fishers in sweeping the event and getting the All City championship trophy! His love of track was born, and he was hooked.

He continued running for the Fishers YMCA every year and then his local grade school beginning in 4th grade. He continued in middle school 5th and 6th grade track programs, all the while continuing to run for the Fishers Y during the summer.

Michael was so excited to get to junior high as he got to try hurdles and long jump for the first time. Michael consistently placed in the top three spots through 7th and 8th grade. Again, during the off season, he ran for the YMCA and honed his long jump skills.

[caption id="attachment_27354" align="alignnone" width="337"]Grade School Mikey running in track program for the YMCA Photo Credit YMCA of Greater Indianapolis[/caption]

Overcoming Hurdles With The Track Program

As COVID began to shut the world down in the Spring of 2020, Michael continued to train virtually with the team before he learned the season was eventually cancelled. But, he picked track back up in the Spring of 2021. Michael continued to gain points for his team during the second half of his junior year of high school when he became an alternate at state.

In the Fall of 2021, Michael had full-time school, varsity football, and a job. Yet, he still volunteered to teach the new generation of Y kids about track and the long jump during that fall track program. That year Fishers swept the long jump category with coach Michael’s excellent instruction.

[caption id="attachment_27355" align="alignnone" width="389"] Photo Credit Samantha Schnurr[/caption]

Reaching Goals

In the spring of 2022, he picked up track for his senior season and began running hurdles immediately. During his senior year, he began reaching out to college coaches about the possibility of running on their teams. Michael applied to many colleges and was accepted to all of them. His favorite was Marian University of Indianapolis. Michael applied to the ES Witcher School of Engineering, and he got in! As if that was not exciting enough, Michael reached out to the track coach, and received a response. He got an on-site introduction day, on-site official visit day, and was offered an incredibly generous scholarship to run track for MU! Michael has beat the odds and is going to live out his love of track through college.

Michael’s journey began at the YMCA where he learned the fundamentals of track and sportsmanship. That experience and his passion led him all the way to a scholarship and membership on a University Track team!

What can the Y do for your young athlete to develop confidence, structure and skills? Visit our website or one of our Centers to learn more.

[caption id="attachment_27356" align="alignnone" width="500"] Photo Credit Marian University[/caption]

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