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Recovering from paralysis, woman finds help from trainer

December 18, 2017
Recovering from paralysis, woman finds help from trainer

Kalie gets mobility after paralysisI suffered a traumatic brain injury at the age  of 21 that affected the left side of my brain.  As a result,  I suffered from complete paralysis on the right side of my body

I regained a lot of movement, but four years later, I continued to struggle with strength and movement on my right side as well as overall balance and coordination.

More Progress After Paralysis

I knew I needed someone to push me and hold me accountable, which is why I decided to pursue Personal Training. Through his guidance and expertise, I have seen my balance get so much better!  And, even though it is a slow process, the strength is improving on my right side, particularly in my right arm.

My trainer also makes working out fun! Every exercise is well thought-out and it does not feel like work. I look forward to each session, and I am thankful that I made the decision to work with a certified trainer.  I would not have come this far without the help of Personal Training!


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Recovering from paralysis, woman finds help from trainer

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