30: The Number of Pounds Dick Lost in Four Months

Learning about healthy living

Fighting fluctuations in his weight, Dick Hankins found that the YMCA provides a great place for him to stay active and connected not only to his girlfriend and workout partner but to the community as well.

According to Dick, the Silver Sneakers program “provided a selling point for me” and has found the Y to be a “fine place for me and my girlfriend to work out together and enjoy the services here”.

Dick is considered a “Wellness Warrior,” and in less than four months of participating in YMCA activities, Dick’s weight has dropped from 223 pounds to 193 pounds. “As a younger man,” Dick explains, “I had four varsity letters for track, three in baseball, and two in basketball.” He attributes his athletic past to his competitive nature which he still has and uses each day at the YMCA to encourage his own healthy living. “I have a feeling of accomplishment every time I leave the Y!”

Weight loss is just one of the many benefits Dick has enjoyed since joining the Y. He has also lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure medicine and has discovered, as have many other active older adults, is that “age does not limit the ability to achieve success in everyday life!”
Way to go Dick! Keep up the hard work!

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Dick is considered a “Wellness Warrior”.

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