Kathleen proves that dedication pays off

Retired Nurse Drops 130 Lbs.In September of 2017, Kathleen Dinsmore, a retired nurse, joined the Witham Family YMCA and made a commitment to her health and wellbeing. Over the course of 13 months of dedication and hard work, Kathleen lost a total of 130 lbs.


Kathleen worked with a Y wellness advisor who introduced her to the cardio equipment, including Kathleen’s favorite, the elliptical, and also introduced her to the weight machines.


From there, she joined water fitness classes and spent time in the therapy and lap pools working out in classes and on her own. Kathleen appreciates, as a retired nurse, the option for low impact exercise.


“The water classes are really great,” she says. “There’s something invigorating about being in the water.”


Kathleen credits her transformation to a changed in her diet, hypnotherapy which helped her with motivation, and being able to use the Y regularly. And by that, we mean almost every day for a year. Kathleen has been a top five member with the highest usage at the Witham Family YMCA for eight of her first 12 months of membership.


Kathleen looks forward to coming to the Y. “People are very friendly and make me feel welcome – there’s a group of people I connect with,” she says. “I’m no longer thinking, ‘How much longer?’”


Kathleen’s daily dedication her health and wellness has been an inspiration to many throughout the Witham Family Y.