Nancy Saulmon

Becomming a Wellness Warrior

Nancy joined the Witham Family YMCA when it opened in 2010. She was looking for a place where she could participate in programs like water aerobics that helped improve her fitness levels. Sure enough, Nancy has been involved in the water aerobics since she joined and recently had her 4-year anniversary of teaching those classes!

The YMCA has provided Nancy with many ways to stay in shape and stay healthy. “When I came to the YMCA, my bones were not as strong as they are today. Doing the weight machines in the wellness center and doing classes in the pool has improved my overall bone scan results,” said Nancy. She also enjoys helping plan the senior social lunches on the second Friday of each month.

Most importantly, Nancy said, “The Witham Family YMCA is like an extended family for me. I have met a lot of great people and become lifelong friends with many of our members here. My water aerobics class is a family, and we all take care of each other. Everyone here looks after one another!” Nancy is much more active than she was before joining the YMCA and looks forward to every class she takes or teaches! She has become a wellness warrior at our YMCA!

Nancy Y Story at Witham YMCA | YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

Nancy joined the Witham Family YMCA when it opened in 2010.

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