Day Camp Will Be More Fun Than Ever this Summer!

It’s no secret. I love summer day camp. Every little detail of it. It falls during our favorite season. I love the sound of the opening ceremony heard from a distance and the booming sound of the opening ceremony songs up close. I love the dancing, the silliness, and the screams of joy when we just can’t contain our excitement. I even love the smell of sun screen as I walk through camp. I just love our summer camps.

Here at the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, we are embarking on yet another summer of fun at Day Camp, and I couldn’t be happier. Our team has been planning for the May 24 camp kickoff since last summer ended, and there is no stopping the great things we have in store.

We’ve made a few changes to make sure that your camper has an unforgettable experience. We revamped staff training, how we will engage teens, and how we’re going to communicate with parents (now, on a daily basis). Here’s a look at some of the changes in each of our three types of Day Camp, Traditional, Sports and Enrichment camps:

Traditional Day Camp

Summer Camps | YMCA Programs & Activities | YMCA of Greater IndianapolisTraditional Camp is the foundation of summer camp. It’s the first taste of a marshmallow, the nostalgic hike through the woods and other classic summer camp memories. When parents think about their child in camp, they picture traditional camp. When campers remember muddy days outside and doing crafts inside, they picture traditional camp.

So why improve what’s already great? Because we can! This summer, Y Camps will have a lasting impact on your child’s development. They will accomplish and have more fun than ever. Here’s how:

  • Circles: We assign your camper to a camp counselor every week. The connections they foster last a lifetime, and we have a plan to make it even better. Circles is a concept that helps to develop communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Each day will begin with a Circle to establish goals and hopes. We will end every day with a Circle to debrief everything we’ve done. And by the way, it will also help our campers work on their 21st Century Skills.
  • Parent Communication AND Camper Accomplishment: Here’s one of those great ideas that helps achieve the wins with one simple tool, Goal Getters. This summer your camper will come home with a Goal Getter every day. It’s a communication and education tool attached to their back pack. Each week, the camper establishes their goals, and you can track their progress and get notes from the counselor. And because it is on their backpack, you will see it every day!

Ready to give Traditional Camp a try? Register today!

Sports and Enrichment Camps

We have enhanced Sports and Enrichment Camps too!

  • Updated Curriculum: For both Sports and Enrichment options, your camper will see the difference from the moment they begin. We’ve overhauled the curriculum, have built more time for activity-based learning, and will keep campers more engaged in their theme, more often.

Sports Camp-goers will learn new skills and drills that reinforce the fundamentals. They’ll develop a love of camp while we build their skills.

We’ve switched up the types of activities in themed Enrichment Camps. If your child has a performing arts passion, try the Pop Stars or Show Choir themes. Does your child like to cook? Check the Chopped junior and Master Chef Camps!

  • New Themes: By far and away our favorite thing to do is dream up new camps. As it turns out, this is a passion for our entire leadership team. Here are some new offerings this year:
    • Artrageous, Archery (still part of Traditional Camp, and now an entire Enrichment theme!)
    • Circus in Training
    • Creation Station
    • Extreme Sports
    • Grossology
    • Impact of Service
    • Playground Around
    • Bike Camp at the YMCA at City Market