Sukhbir suffered a set back several years back and is using Personal Training to regain himself.

Personal Training only a start for Sukhbir. Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. 90-mile hike around Harper’s Ferry. These are great feats for anyone to accomplish, but they are particular impressive for a man in his 70s! For Sukhbir Singh, these were just another hike, until he suffered a small setback. He seemed fine with just a little memory loss here and there but we was just not himself. After his knee surgery in April 2018, Urmila signed Sukhbir up for Personal Training with Terry Zoubul. She didn’t feel safe with Sukhbir exercising alone and started Personal Training at the Y to increase his strength, mobility and self-esteem.

Strengthening More Than Muscles

When Sukhbir came to personal training, he only spoke to Urmila who stayed the duration of the session to assist with the training. When he wanted to change the workout, he would tell Urmila, not Terry. As time passed, he grew to trust Terry and speak directly to her: starting with one word, moving to full sentences.

“Lack of exercise can do bad things to the body,” recited Urmila.

And she is correct. There have been many studies about how the lack of exercise negatively affects not just your physical health, but your mental health. An article from Livestrong states that “Lack of exercise affects the heart, lungs, blood sugar levels, joints, bones, muscles and mood. It may even play into the development of other heath conditions such as cancer and mental decline.” Urmila did not want that for Sukhbir.

Change for the Better

“It’s astounding how he’s changed. He now grasps the mechanics of a move without hesitation. His strength has increased by 35%. His attitude is more positive and he has increased his session because he says he needs more,” says Terry.

The Singh’s have been members of the YMCA since about 2002 because of people like Terry & Sheila have been so kind and helpful.

“There are no shortcuts. You must do the work. My husband has improved a lot while working out. Terry doesn’t deal with his complaining: she pushes him,” Urmila commented while Sukhbir smiled.

Sukhbir is becoming happier because he is getting closer to regaining himself after his stroke and knee surgery and has Personal Training to thank for it.

Personal Training for Everyone

Personal Training is what you make it. Whether its accountability, weight loss, strength, rehabilitation or working on your own personal goal. Personal Trainers are here to help you reach your desired outcomes, whatever that may be.

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