A Personal Trainer Holds You Accountable

You Can Do It With Just A Little Personal Trainer Help

Finding the motivation to work out every day is not an easy task. With your job, family, and other activities drawing most of your attention, exercising seems to be the one thing that gets pushed off the schedule. Whether you can’t find the time because your kids have to be a million places in a day, or you’re just too tired in the evening to find the energy, you’re not alone. It’s also hard to know if you’re doing it right at all. “If I’m not working out correctly, then what’s the point?” But again, you aren’t alone and there is something that can help you- a personal trainer.
You may struggle with working out because of time, motivation, or lack of knowledge, but a personal trainer is there to show you the way and help you achieve all your goals. In the US alone, there are approximately 340,000 personal trainers working professionally. Most of these trainers are there to help you become better and to make working out easier. There are a variety of benefits to having a personal trainer like education, motivation, goals, accountability, flexibility and so much more.

Having Somebody Show You How To Achieve Your Goals

People often get stuck in a routine of using the same machines each time they work out, ultimately achieving very little during their time at the gym. But with a personal trainer, you will be shown all the different kinds of equipment and what they can do to help your body. By becoming educated on different machines and routines, you maximize your effectiveness and results, as well as avoid injury. You may be familiar with the treadmill and the dumbbells, but what about all the other options you’ve never even tried? Trying something new at the gym can make it exciting and something to look forward to during the day. Based on your goals and what you want to achieve, a personal trainer can give you most of the tools you need to succeed. Taking what you enjoy, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses into account, a personal trainer can design a workout routine specific to you that will ensure you stay motivated throughout your journey. Following your fitness plan will act as an incentive and help you feel that sense of achievement.

Why Do You Need a Personal Trainer

Before actually making it to the gym, you can easily talk yourself out of going. But, what if you had someone to keep you accountable? A personal trainer can be that person to make sure you show up and work hard. With a trainer, it won’t be easy to make a plan and not follow it. If you find it challenging to show up and feel like it’s just too much, a personal trainer can be flexible with you. You can schedule your time week to week, finding what works best for you, and your trainer will be there every step of the way. Your YMCA Personal Trainer is watching your progress and making adjustments to keep your workouts new and engaging. Incorporating fresh routines will help to prevent your workouts from getting boring! The trainer helps to minimize injury and designs the workouts to keep you on the road to reaching your goals.  The YMCA has a variety of Personal Training packages to meet the needs of nearly every budget.

Bobbi Finley, Baxter YMCA Wellness DirectorBobbi Finley - Personal Trainer

“A Personal Trainer is for everyone. If you’re a consistent exerciser who has been working out for years, you can benefit from the challenge and new routine a Personal Trainer will give you; and for those just starting out, Personal Trainers provide guidance, motivation, and support towards making exercise a lifestyle.
One thing I love about the Y is that we’re a non-profit, and we raise money every year to provide financial assistance to members that need our programs but may have difficulty paying for them, especially right now. Personal Training is no different. We can provide you with a scholarship if finances are a barrier. The benefits of Personal Training aren’t just physical. Your mental health will be positively impacted, too.
Our trainers are experts. They are all nationally certified through an accredited organization and most have a degree in a health-related field. They have the knowledge to work with any population working towards any goal.
My suggestion for anyone thinking about Personal Training is to sign up for a free demo. It’s not a high-pressure sales pitch, but rather, an opportunity to see if the service can help you reach your goals. If you and the trainer decide Personal Training is not right for you, she can connect you to another program that will better fit your needs. If you decide it is for you, the trainer can review program options and get you started on the right track. Either way, you’ll get something out of it.”

Caity Fledderman, Baxter YMCA Personal Trainer

Caity Fledderman - Personal Trainer
Caity, YMCA Personal Trainer

“As a trainer, my main focus is always to make my clients feel comfortable and enjoy the process of working towards their goals. For those who don’t know how to get started, don’t have the motivation to do it on their own, or are maybe getting bored in their own routines, it’s the trainer’s job to become that positive accountability partner to push them forward. Watching the determination and confidence in each client grow over time is the greatest feeling.”

“The most significant part of this profession is helping people understand that while they are working with a trainer once or twice a week, they still have to put in the work on their own to continue progressing. Personal trainers are meant to coach and teach you the tools to be more confident in completing workouts safely and effectively on your own. Meeting with your trainer for 30 minutes is very important, but what you do outside of those 30 minutes is equally, if not more, important.”

How To Get Started with a Personal Trainer

From August 10-21, the YMCA’s will be running a Personal Training Promo offering all new PT clients a FREE t-shirt. Any current client who refers a friend who ends up signing up will also receive a t-shirt. This is a fantastic opportunity to give Personal Training a try with the idea of either kick-starting a fitness routine or remapping your current efforts and getting a leg up! Fill out the PT form on our website and someone will be in contact with you to start you on your way towards better fitness!