Welcome Sam Irvin to Play & Learn!

Sam Irvin lives for child enrichment and development, which made accepting the position of Early Childhood Coordinator at the Ransburg YMCA an easy decision.

“Kids have so much knowledge and want to teach us,” Sam said.

Loving children’s passions and enthusiasm in everything they do draws Sam to working with them. She loves having the opportunity to change their lives and letting them change hers.

East side is special

Working for Ransburg sweetens the deal for Sam as she’s from the area.

“I wanted to stay on the east side because that’s where I’m from and it’s close to home. The east side is a special place to me,” she said.

Having grown up on the east side Sam feels invested in the community and its members making the Ransburg YMCA an even greater opportunity to help people.

“I just love people. That sounds crazy, but I just love people,” she said as she laughed.

Never stop learning

Her dedication to people really shows, not only in her day to day to work but her choice of degree. Sam is about to graduate from Ivy Tech with a degree in hospitality and event planning. She feels working with people and getting to know them allows her to learn more.

“You should learn something new every single day,” Sam said.

She believes you should never stop learning, regardless of your age.

Family, friends & fun

Before Sam came to the Ransburg Y, she worked for years as a camp counselor in Brown County. When Sam isn’t working at the YMCA, she spends her time with family and friends, fulfilling weekend traditions and fun.

Next time you’re at the Ransburg Y, stop by Play and Learn and give a Ransburg welcome to this new smiling face.

Learn more about Play and Learn and other youth options at the YMCA.