Five YMCAs will open outdoor pools on May 25, and we’re ready for you!

It’s pool season! Grab your swimsuit, goggles and towel and dive in!

The outdoor pools are open, and lifeguards, kids and adults are hitting the pool for summer fun. We have outdoor pools at five area YMCAs, Several other local Ys offer indoor pools for year-round fun.

Pool Swim

Summer swim fun at the Y

Are you ready? What about the kids? Are they in swim-shape? Don’t panic! The Y is here to help keep your kids be safe at the pool and provide fun activities all summer long.

Here are just a few “water” things you can do at the Y to this summer:

  • Safety Around WaterOver 300 spots are available for free “Safety Around Water” classes for ages 5-12 from June 17-20 at six YMCAs as part of the first-ever Indy Water Safety Week.
  • Swim Teams – Join a Y swim team and be a Barracuda, Shark, Otter, Ray or Mussel or be a Masters swimmer, if you’re an adult.
  • Water Fitness Classes – Try Aqua Zumba, Water Yoga, Aqua HIIT, Fit Float—or whatever floats your boat!


  • Swim Schools and Lessons – Known as “America’s Swim Instructor,” the Y also offers group, private, semi-private lessons and clinics for all ages. Our new swim lesson format makes it easy to plan around vacations and trips. It also helps swimmers retain more of what they learn. Registration is open!
  • Kids can learn to swim at Summer Day Camp too, where learn everything from breast stroke to free style.
  • Sensory Swims – Individuals of all abilities can enjoy the new Sensory Swims every Saturday in June and July at Jordan Y and Sensory Sundays at Benjamin Harrison Y.
  • Laps – Squeeze in a few laps. If you’re in it for the long haul, try the Olympic-sized, 50-meter outdoor pools at the Ransburg, Jordan and Baxter YMCAs.
  • Doggie Swims ­- Before you know it, we’ll open the pools up for Doggie Swims at the end of the season.

Work up a sweat first, inside and out

If the kids need to build up a sweat before jumping in the pool, sign them up for soccer, Taekwondo, basketball, or T-ball. The Y has all of their favorite sports. Two, six-week Summer Sessions begin June 3 and again on July 15. Explore the options, then sign them up.

We’ve taking workouts, sports and events outside this summer. And you can always step inside when  you need a break from the sun. For young and old alike, we’ve got “tons” of weights and cardio equipment, or you can try boxing, Irish and square dancing, Lightsabers, group exercise classes, like Les Mills Body Pump, and many, many more sports and fitness options. You can also find adult basketball, pickleball and kickball leagues on the Meetup app.

Lifeguards still needed! Pool Swimming

We’re also staffing up. The Aquatics Department more than doubles in the summer. We’re still hiring over hundreds of positions, including lifeguards, swim lesson instructors and camp staff. Check out our current openings and apply today!

Getting lifeguard certified, which includes CPR/AED, First AID and Oxygen Administration, can cost as much as $360. Scholarships are available. At the Ransburg Y, we have an Adopt-A-Lifeguard program, where you can make a donation to help cover the cost of this training.

Now slap on some sunblock and we’ll see you at the Y this summer!