Tom signed up for personal training, but found a friend and gym family.

Tom retired from full-time ministry on March 31, 2017. Looking for something to fill his days, he started visiting the Y and signed up for personal training with Baxter YMCA trainer Kaleb. Shortly after joining, Tom had to have knee surgery and spent a few months at home as he healed. When he was able to return to his normal routine at the Y, he realized he had found more than just a gym.

Tom Found Improvement in Mind, Body and Spirit at the Baxter Y Through Personal Training

“The YMCA motto lists ‘mind, body, and spirit’ and at that point, I needed ‘mind and spirit’ as much or more in my life as physical improvement,” Tom recalled. His relationship with trainer Kaleb began to flourish and he had positive and uplifting experiences with the rest of the staff. “They lifted my spirits almost immediately, and Kaleb has been very supportive in restoring my strength.”

Tom Can Overcome Anything with Support From His Y Family

Throughout the years, Tom has had several health incidents that have led to time away from his Y family, including another knee replacement, brain surgery, a fall, subsequent CT scan, and most recently a hospitalization where he was told he might not make it through, but he did.

“I thought about the Y and all of the staff and I felt I needed to stay positive. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my Baxter YMCA in my life. The Baxter Y is more than just a place to go, more than a place to make physical improvements—it’s a place of like-minded people searching and trying to improve their lives by working on their “mind, body and spirit.”

If Tom’s story has inspired you and you’re interested in trying personal training, sign up online at

Tom with personal trainer Kaleb - Personal Training

Looking for something to fill his days, Tom started visiting the Y and signed up for personal training with Baxter trainer Kaleb.

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