Not everyone is comfortable on a treadmill


A lot of people use treadmills daily, but are you taking the extra precautions to be safe and get the most out of your workout? Here are five tips that will give an edge to your workout.

1. Start Off Right

Are your shoes tied? Is your water bottle filled? Be sure to pick your tunes before starting your work out. All of these things can help you get started with minimum distractions. Lastly, be sure to look forward on your walk or run. This strengthens balance and prevents dizziness from looking at your feet or the moving belt.

2. Straddle the Deck

Machines don’t always work as anticipated – start by straddling the deck to avoid unexpected or abrupt starts. You should always start slow and increase the speed and incline from there. Use the handrail when getting started, but not during your workout.

3. Let Go of the Handrail

Holding on to the handrail decreases the effectiveness of your work out. It can also throw off your balance and cause you to trip or fall. Your arms will flow naturally allowing you to burn more calories and fully engage your core muscles.

4. Safety First

All treadmills come equipped with safety features. One is the safety clip. This can be clipped to your person and in the event that you fall, a key will be pulled from the machine stopping it immediately. If you need to stop abruptly, and are still upright, push the “stop” or “pause” button (front and center) to bring the treadmill belt to a halt.

5. Know Your Limits

It’s important to push yourself, but know what’s too much. Listen to your body and always be safe. Always stay hydrated.

These simple steps help make the workout safe for you and those around you and give you your best treadmill workout.

Questions? Ask a Y Wellness Advisor

If you have questions about equipment at the Y, don’t hesitate to ask our wellness staff. Someone is always nearby. Did you know that Y members get four free Wellness Appointments? These are a great way to learn about the equipment. Y Wellness Advisers can also help design a custom fitness plan just for you!