And parents, too!

The concept isn’t new. Kids have always needed camp as a place to really be themselves, build friendships with new friends and make memories. Before the global pandemic hit, kids needed camp for so many wonderful reasons.

However, after a year of social distancing, online teaching, and birthday parties via Zoom, we’re finding that kids NEED camp more than they ever have before.

Here’s 4 reasons why kids need camp:


While we’ve gotten creative this year, when it comes to connecting, kids are ready to start making new friends and practicing vital social skills. Camp creates the perfect environment for kids to develop real connections and foster deep and meaningful relationships.

Kids Need Camp - boys touching elbows


It’s been a year of social distancing and staying home. It’s time to head outside to enjoy the rain AND shine! Camp is full of opportunities to enjoy the world around us, including nature hikes, swimming, scavenger hunts, archery and so much more. We’re all ready for a breath of fresh air.

Kids Need Camp - boy looking at plant


Virtual classes and online teaching made learning during a pandemic possible, but not everything in life can be learned in front of a screen. Camp allows kids to explore by stepping out of their comfort zones to try new things through hands-on (and sometimes messy) activities.

Kids Need Camp - Girl with magnifying glass


Not only will camp help improve your child’s mental health after a difficult and trying year (see numbers 1-3 above), but parents need support during this time, too. Kids at camp means knowing your child is experiencing new things, meeting new friends and rediscovering some of the true joys of childhood.

Kids Need Camp - girl on monkey bars

Learn more about the YMCA’s 30 Summer Day Camp locations across the city and how your family can take part! Whether you are looking for 1-2 days or a full week, the YMCA offers a variety of camp options to meet every family’s needs.


Kids Need Camp - Sara Noyed

Sara Noyed is the Executive Director of Day Camps for the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis. She’d love to talk with you about camps at the YMCA! Email 

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