Activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Schools, attractions, and community staples have been closed or limiting visitors for weeks now, and the general recommendation is for everyone to take this time to stay home and stay healthy!

The thought of this unexpected, weeks-long period at home with bored kids leaves many parents wondering, “What are we going to do all day if we can’t leave the house?!”

Don’t worry. We’ve answered that question for you! All this “together time” is forcing us to get creative with ways to stay entertained and productive! We have compiled fun ideas and activities to share with your family. From treasure hunts, to at-home fitness, to arts and crafts, read on to start making at home time even more enjoyable.


Summer reading at home BINGO - YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

We know keeping your kids reading at home can be a challenge. Try playing Read-at-Home Bingo! As kids accomplish a reading task, they can cross off a bingo square. Getting 5 in a row gets them a fun prize! Many sites offer free downloads to print online. You can even create your own to customize it for your family!



Bear hunt at home - Bear in window

Search the hashtag, #RandomActsOfCommunity, which helps create unique activities in your neighborhood! Here’s an easy one to try with your neighbors. Place a stuffed bear in a window of your home so when families go for car rides or walk during this time, they can go on a bear hunt! Communities all over are participating in the bear hunts for little ones to enjoy! Even better, check out the book, Going on a Bear Hunt, before going on your hunt! How many bears can you find?


DIY Acrylic Window Paint - Kid at home painting on window

Here’s a fun project for everyone that can be done indoors on chilly days! This artsy activity can be painted on from the inside, seen from the outside, and it washes off easily. The only items needed are washable pain, dish soap, and small bowls. Mix the paint and a small amount of dish soap to paint your windows. Feel free to use a paint brush or paint with fingers to create any design. You can even use some painting tape to create a stain glass design. The paint will dry on the windows but can easily be washed off with a cloth and warm water!


family yoga at home - cosmic kids yoga

Keep positive and keep moving with a mini sweat session! Yoga is a great way for the entire family to get active together. No matter your experience level or age range, there is a yoga experience for everyone. From the tree pose to your airplane wings, you will be amazed at how quickly each member of the family can catch on and have fun. The YMCA Youtube channel offers fun and local at-home yoga classes for the whole family to enjoy. You can also check out Cosmic Kids Yoga which has children’s movie-themed yoga classes! Frozen themed yoga, anyone?


Disney magic at home

Ready to break out your mouse ears? If so, here are some at-home Disney fixes for you! Find your own magic and bring characters to life with some Disney themed crafts and recipes. Our favorite is making your own “Forky” with things you can find around the house!


lava floors at home - kid stepping on imaginary lava

We all remember this classic at-home activity. Trust us, it’s still a favorite. Put cushions and tea towels on the floor to help you make your way around the room without touching the floor. Get creative and with how you get from point A to point B, but remember to always be safe!



Visit the zoo from your couch! Zoos all over the country are giving up-close and educational viewings of their animals. The Cincinnati Zoo does a daily “Home Safari” featuring a new furry or underwater friend each day! This is a great way to learn about some of our favorite animals without leaving the comfort of your home!