There when families need it most.

Alyssa is a single parent to four children under the age of 11. After moving to Indiana from Florida, Alyssa was struggling. With no family around, she lacked a support system to help raise her family. She often questioned how she was going to pay her bills, or where her family’s next meal was going to come from.

She knew her job was vital to keeping their home, putting food on the table, and creating a stable life for her children, but she was unsure of where her children were going to go while she worked. She knew that letting them stay home alone was not an option in the neighborhood they lived.alyssas family

Alyssa turned to the YMCA Before & After School program at her children’s school for help.

After hearing her story, the Y was able to provide enough financial assistance so that all four of her children could attend the program and have a safe, welcoming, and enriching place to be after school. She was grateful that not only her children had a safe place to be, but that the people around them were so wonderful as well. According to Alyssa, “The staff members at the Y always offer an ear to the children, help with homework, and teach them new things on a day to day basis.”

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