The YMCA’s tutoring and mentoring programs provide students with guidance in and out of the classroom.

Help your child succeed at the Y with our tutoring programs! At the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, our employees and volunteer mentors will assist students in overcoming their personal challenges and achieving their academic goals. Subjects are math, ... Read More

Real Talk

A time where teens and mentors come together and talk about the spoken word and enjoy fellowship.

Looking for a program to help your child explore Christianity in a safe and supportive atmosphere? The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis offers a FREE Christian program for teens! Your teens will meet at the Y and have the opportunity to listen to guest s... Read More


Learning Important Favorable Education, or L.I.F.E., is a class that will teach high school aged kids important skills needed in everyday life.

The L.I.F.E. class prepares teens for their futures! During this program, we will go over specified topics such as how to file taxes, how to tip servers, researching jobs, creating a budget, researching scholarships, and other various topics.... Read More

TV Production Club

Led by a professional producer, participants will research Y-related stories, interview staff and members (or community), and produce videos!

At the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, teens are given the opportunity to learn all aspects of production! Through our TV Production Club, teens will learn how to professionally shoot video, mic the people the young reporters are speaking with and then... Read More

Man to Man

Man to Man is designed to help teen boys to get a real picture of the everyday hardships about life, while giving them the tools to cope in a healthy manner.

The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis uses our Man to Man program to promote self-esteem, self-sufficiency, respect and leadership, as well as provide support and education through stories and discussions with adult male role models.... Read More

Lightsaber Academy

Put the power of "The Force" into your fitness regimen with a training session from Indy Lightsaber Academy, Indianapolis's only lightsaber stage combat class.

We are here to provide practical instruction to an impractical weapon. While the lightsaber does not exist as it does in the movies, the concepts are grounded in real life sword play and martial arts concepts. Beyond the practical, we also promote an... Read More

Girls Rock

Girls Rock is a program to educate teenage females on the importance of holding themselves up to a higher standard.

The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis helps educate teenage females through our Girls Rock program, which will give them the tools needed to handle life's challenges. With a group of mentor and volunteers, the ladies will learn the importance of proper et... Read More


The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis provides educational activities for teens to keep not only their bodies active, but their minds as well!

At the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, various games, stories, imaginative play, chess variants, technology, and other entertaining and innovative methods that makes learning easy, exciting, and fun. Our creative and modern methods of instruction to en... Read More