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Clinics are geared to help athletes develop sport-specific skills. YMCA trained staff lead players in drills and games designed to develop the fundamental skills required for the sport. Participants are sure to improve on skills, make new friends and have fun. A YMCA clinic is a great lead-up for participating in a class or league setting.

Basketball Clinics

The YMCA offers a variety of Basketball Clinics

Athletes will run through various skill drills and agilities to improve their footwork and sharpen their practice skills during the off season.

Soccer Clinics

The YMCA Soccer Clinics are a terrific way for athletes to have fun while playing one of the most popular sports in the world!

Athletes have the opportunities to practice and refine their soccer skills through a games-centered teaching approach that enhances each player’s desire for soccer, while teaching proper soccer techniques for future soccer achievement. Throughout our various Soccer Clinics, you will work on various techniques and skills based on your age and level, some of these techniques include dribbling, passing, receiving, shielding, and shooting.

Youth Indoor Soccer Clinic

Positive progressive soccer skill development for all children

(Ages 7-9, Co-Ed) Too often today kids are thrust into competitive sports programs with little instruction on the skills and rules of the game. We have designed the Youth Indoor Soccer clinic to address these problems by providing a positive progressive skill development for all children.

Volleyball Clinics

At the Y, our Volleyball Clinics are designed to be developmental, providing athletes of all ages and skill levels, the opportunity to learn the best practices of the sport

Like basketball, volleyball was invented at a YMCA to give members and participants an active game to play indoors. Now volleyball is one of the most popular games at outdoor barbecues, in highschool and collegiate athletics, and even at the Olympics.  Each clinic will help to improve each participants skill and technique.

Futsal Clinics

The YMCA’s Futsal Clinics are designed for athletes who are looking to learn the unique rules of this indoor soccer game.

Athletes practice ball control and passing maneuvers to help improve their skills and techniques.

Baseball / Softball / T-Ball Clinics

Athletes of all ages and skill levels are welcome at the YMCA’s Baseball, Softball and T-Ball Clinics!

Our clinics focus on helping athletes, who are new to the sport, build the fundamental baseball skills, such as throwing, batting, field play, and general game procedures. For our more advanced players, we work on developing their skills and practice in the areas of batting, fielding, throwing and base running. Athletes will learn the rules of baseball as well as team concepts and sportsmanship. These clinics are ideal for any youth baseball player looking to improve their baseball skills, or a player who wants to learn the fundamentals of baseball.

Tennis Clinics

The YMCA’s Tennis Clinics are a great way for tennis players of all ages to work on their form and technique!

Our Tennis Clinics focus on major tennis strokes, scoring and match play. Players of all levels are welcome.

Specialty Clinics

YMCA Specialty Clinics are geared to help athletes, no matter what sport they play, develop specific skills that will help them improve in their sports.

When participating in clinics at the YMCA, participants are sure to improve on skills, make friends and have fun. Clinics at the YMCA are great lead up for participating in a class or league setting at the YMCA. Everyone plays, learns and wins in sports clinics at the YMCA.

YMCA Specialty Clinics are a fantastic chance to focus on skill improvement in a short concentrated burst. A Specialty Clinic can help you quickly enhance your understanding and endurance.

Little Dribblers Basketball Clinic

Basic basketball skills will be covered in this parent/child interactive class

An important part of the program incorporates socialization skills within the class format. This is a fun learning environment where you can enjoy some time with your kids.

Multi-Sport Try-It Clinic

Have fun trying a few different sports with this clinic

Each week a new sport and games will be introduced including basketball, football, soccer, and t-ball skills. Basic skills will be covered incorporating socialization skills within the class format. A fun learning environment where you can enjoy some time with your kids!

Baseball / Softball / T-Ball

YMCA baseball is designed to teach the fundamentals of the game. Formats include t-ball, coach-pitch and player-pitch.


Whether you are a casual player or a competitive player looking to improve your skills join our Basketball leagues!


Clinics are geared to help athletes develop sport-specific skills. A YMCA clinic is a great lead-up for participating in a class or league setting.

Dance / Cheer / Gymnastics

From Tumbling to Gymnastics, Dance to Cheer, the Y provides programs that help build poise, confidence, and discipline while never losing sight of fun!


Y Flag Football is designed to teach the basic skills of the sport to those who have never played the game and improve the skills of those who have.

Martial Arts

Learning a Martial Art builds lifelong skills. It’s a great way to improve coordination and focus, refine agility and motor skills along with goal-setting and focus skills.

Soccer / Futsal

The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis offers both Soccer and Futsal, which is a version of indoor soccer, as part of our sports programs and activities.

Specialty Sports

The YMCA’s Specialty Sports programming offers additional opportunities to strengthen character, engage families, and build lasting relationships.


The Y’s Volleyball programs offer a great opportunity to sharpen your agility, strength, and cardio conditioning!

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