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Water lovers of all ages can develop and take skills to the next level with aquatics specialty classes like competitive swimming, triathlon training, fit float, and more.We continually develop our specialty program curriculum. Please check with your Y for new offerings.

Water lovers of all ages can develop and take skills to the next level with aquatics specialty classes like competitive swimming, triathlon training, fit float, and more.

Fit Float

Learn to build your reaction time with a better sense of your body on these floating inflatable mats in our pool. Workouts are designed to strengthen core, improve posture and balance, build lean muscle, and burn calories. This is a challenging and fun class for those looking for the next step to their current routine. Fit Float classes offer Yoga, Pilates and Boot Camp-style workouts.

Prenatal & Postnatal Water Fitness

Water fitness program specially designed for new and soon to be mothers

This class provides low and moderate intensity exercise and strengthens muscles stressed in childbearing.

Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons allow for accelerated learning

Swim lessons offer individualized attention for each student. Participants will receive eight thirty-minute lessons customized by skill level and goals.

Request for Private Swim Lessons

Safety Around Water

The YMCA offers community water safety programs

Safety Around Water is a FREE program held each JUNE,  designed to reach children that are at risk of drowning. Our goal is to teach them basic water safety skills to reduce their risk of drowning. We believe that swimming is an essential life skill for children and adults and that everyone should have access to water safety education.

The Safety Around Water program is funded by the YMCA Annual Campaign, which also helps to reduce or eliminate fees in our other programs for qualifying groups and participants. Please ask your Y’s Aquatics Director how you can signup as a participate or otherwise support one of these vital community programs.

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Semi-Private swim lessons are great for siblings, family members, and friends

These lessons allow two or more participants of similar skill level and age to learn together. Participants will receive eight thirty minute lessons with flexible scheduling that can be customized to your goals and needs.


Here’s your chance to learn diving techniques and equipment usage

Soon you will be exploring life underwater. The YMCA’s SCUBA courses have introduced many people to the adventurous diving lifestyle!

Contact your YMCA Center for Registration Information

Water Scouts

Get your Aquatic Badges at the YMCA

In Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts or Brownies? Bring your scouts to the YMCA to earn their aquatic badges. Call (317) 547-9622 x240 to make your reservation.

WAVES: Adapted Lessons

Water Access for Very Exceptional Swimmers (Ages 3+).

WAVES is a 40 minute class designed to benefit people with special needs.

This program encourages participants to use their physical attributes to the best of their abilities, while enhancing their spirits and minds with positive reinforcement. (Parents may be encouraged to swim with younger participants.)

The YMCA offers multiple programs designed for individuals living with arthritis and related conditions. Our programs are developed jointly by the Arthritis Foundation and the YMCA of the USA, and are currently supported by the Aquatic Exercise Association. The classes are designed to reduce fatigue, pain, and stiffness, and improve mobility, muscle strength, and coordination.

Arthritis Aqua Therapy

This is the perfect class for those with flexibility and stiffness issues

With a RPE rating of 2-3 this class is perfect for participants with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia or recovering from injury. Warmth and buoyancy of water can decrease pain and/or stiffness and improve joint flexibility.

Arthritis Aqua Therapy

For those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, or recovering from injury

This class is a collaborative effort of the YMCA of the USA and the Arthritis Foundation. This program is held in our warm-water zero-depth-entry pool. You do not need to know how to swim. Warmth, buoyancy, and potential restrictive properties of the Program Pool water can help decrease pain and/or stiffness and improve joint flexibility.

Deep Water Fitness

High intensity deep water fun!

Easily adaptable for all fitness levels, this deep water group exercise class puts the fun into an intense, high impact workout. This is a great class for anyone with joint problems.

Shallow Water Fitness

A high-intensity swim training program that combines both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning

The class utilizes both the deep and shallow end of the pool.

Super Saturday Water Aerobics

Enjoy these challenging combined half-deep and half-shallow classes!

All fitness levels are welcome, this class uses fun and intense combos. Great for those with joint problems (All Levels).

Aquatic L.I.F.E. Class

This is a low impact, recreational series of gentle activities in our warm water zero depth entry pool.

Designed to help relieve pain and stiffness caused by arthritis while providing a fun, social environment. It is not necessary to know how to swim. (All Levels)

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