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At the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, sports and recreational activities are always available year around. With the vast number of sports offered, we want to create an environment that focuses on a healthy lifestyle, confidence building, developing new skills, and teamwork.

Youth Basketball (Recreational)

Youth participating in basketball activities can be a great form of exercise that also helps form team-building skills and a sense of community.

Whether it’s practicing drills and free throws or perfecting your layup, the Y has the best basketball experience for you and your family.

Youth Basketball (Competitive)

The YMCA Youth Basketball Leagues are designed to give participants the chance to develop their knowledge and skills in a positive and highly instructional environment.

League will focus on skill development and the fundamentals of basketball. All games will be played at your local YMCA Center; however, participants in our Travel Basketball Leagues will play games at other YMCA locations. Previous basketball experience necessary for the Travel League.

Baseball League

This is a progressive baseball skill development league

This coed league focuses on teaching the fundamentals of the sport. Everyone will play no matter what the skill or ability.

Youth T-Ball (Competitive)

YMCA T-Ball is designed to teach young t-ball players the fundamentals of the game

Participants will learn how to catch, throw, and bat in a fun team atmosphere. YMCA youth t-ball promises no try outs, no getting cut and no bench warmers! Every child plays at least half of every game while making friends and learning new techniques.

Youth Soccer (Competitive)

Youth Soccer is an exciting sport combining team play and individual skills.

Your child will learn to dribble, pass and strike the ball correctly and the positions of the game. We use coaching methods where your child will learn the sport and have fun! Every child plays while making friends and learning new techniques.

Youth Soccer (Recreational)

YMCA soccer is designed to encourage participation and having fun

Kids are taught basic game skills such as trapping, dribbling, passing and shooting as well as goalie skills.

Youth Futsal (Competitive)

Futsal leagues focus on skill development and will be game-only leagues

Practice sessions will occur directly before the games. Players will develop their dribbling, passing and finishing techniques while building the necessary confidence to succeed in outdoor soccer.

Youth Futsal (Recreational)

Youth Futsal provides an exciting opportunity for kids who may be new to the sport of soccer

Participants can thrive in our futsal league because it will be utilized as a developmental opportunity focused on skill development, ball control, and body awareness.

Youth Flag Football (Recreational)

YMCA Flag Football introduces your children to the fundamentals of the game.

We lead drills and games that teach the skills and positions of football as well as important values that are used on and off the field, all in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment.

Flag Football Leagues

Youth Flag Football is a co-ed sports league for boys and girls.

Children will develop fundamental skills and incorporate teamwork through instructional play. Participants will learn the rules of the game and engage in team play while having fun.


The YMCA’s boxing classes off a total body workout

Boxing is a combination of cardio, boxing and martial arts providing a total body workout which aims to improve strength, aerobic fitness, speed, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Come punch and kick your way to a healthier you.


Judo is a martial arts program offered at the YMCA

Judo encourages the principles of attack and defense. This class improves both your health and physical education while strengthening your body’s core.

Kali Stick & Knife Defense

Kali is a weapons-based self-defense system that originated in the Philippines

Its main focus is stick and knife attacks. The YMCA’s Kali Stick & Knife Defense programs will teach you stick and knife techniques, as well as the proper blocking with sticks, angles of attack and footwork that is associated with it.


Karate training improves the lives of those who participate

Karate instills self-confidence, self-discipline, respect, and responsibility. At the Y, students, in this traditional martial arts program, maintain a healthy lifestyle, get a whole body workout, relieve stress and develop self-defense skills in a non-competitive, welcoming environment.

Mixed Martial Arts

The YMCA’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programs are an excellent conditioning workout used for technique development and form.

You will learn the striking & conditioning of mixed martial arts and get in fighting shape like an MMA fighter. These classes consist of kicking & punching elbows and knees from muay thai and conditioning from ju-jitsu.

Tae Kwon Do

Take Tae Kwon Do the martial art of Korea

Tae Kwon Do utilizes both foot and hand techniques. Training emphasizes flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination. This class enhances confidence, discipline, and physical fitness. Classes meet once per week for seven weeks. A uniform may be purchased from instructor on first class. Sparring pads are also required and available per the instructor.

RPE: 2-4

Youth Volleyball (Competitive)

Bump! Set! Spike! Join us for our volleyball league

where we teach the game to first-time players and sharpen returning players’ skills. Youth will learn key skills such as setting, hitting, passing, and serving while developing teamwork and individual skills.

Youth Volleyball (Recreational)

All skill levels welcome in this Recreational Volleyball program

Have fun while learning the rules of the game, developing new skills and learning to play as a team. Program focus will be on overall player development.

Beginner / Intro Ballet

Build self-esteem through movement! Introduction to the solid foundation consisting of proper body alignment, basic vocabulary, positions and movements for the beginning student. Ballet will develop correct posture, flexibility, body awareness!

Dance Potpourri

Dance potpourri is geared towards boys and girls using familiar, fun movements to stretch and strengthen the body and to teach fundamental ballet and other dance skills and exercises. Each week will be a different theme using fun props and music.

Itty Bitty Ballet

This class will introduce your child to the basic beginning ballet steps and movements. Please wear leotard, tights, and ballet shoes.

Tap / Ballet Combo

Preschoolers Enjoy the Benefits of Both Tap and Ballet

This class is designed to give your dancer a little exposure to the basics of both tap and ballet. Lots of fun music and movement. Dancers please wear leotard and tights. Please have both ballet and tap shoes.

Tippy Toe Tutus

Children and their parents will learn simple ballet moves and a variety of dances while having fun together. Weekly Themes.

Tippy Toe Tap

Cake Walk and Double Hop Step to Fun

Dancers will learn basic tap steps. Fun music and props included. Dancers please wear leotard, tights, and tap shoes.


Do you have team spirit?

YMCA Cheerleading offer girls the chance to get active and have some fun cheering on their favorite YMCA Youth Sports teams.

Cheerleaders will build self-confidence and self-esteem while developing social skills and healthy relationships with other girls. If you love sports, but would rather cheer your team on to victory, then participate in one of the Cheerleading programs offered at the YMCA! At the Y, we are devoted to strengthening the spirit, mind and body of our youth. These programs are designed to teach participants the basics of cheerleading.

Basic Tumbling

Learn progressive tumbling skills. Forward/backward rolls, bridges, cartwheels, round offs, and much more. Participants level will be determined on the first day of class.

Beginner Tumbling

In this class your child will learn cartwheels, forward rolls, straddle rolls and jumps. Participants will receive progress sheets at the end of the session. Classes will have an emphasis on cheer driven tumbling.

Dance Tumble Fusion

Session-based class combining tumbling and youth dance fun. YMCA instructor facilitated. Participants should wear a leotard or exercise clothing. Please bring a water bottle.

Gymnastics / Tumbling

The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis has gymnastics classes you’ll flip for!

We teach athletes to tumble, run, jump and twist in our gymnastics program while helping them to develop muscular strength, flexibility and body awareness. Our programs are designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment for athletes to develop gymnastics skills, as well as the four YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. You’ll love the combination of quality gymnastics and fun provided by our highly qualified staff!

Intermediate Tumbling

Participants will learn intermediate gymnastics while building self-confidence, coordination, discipline and positive self-esteem.

Parent Tot / Tumbling Tot

Bring your toddler to learn the basics of gymnastics. They will learn forward rolls, backward rolls and jumps. The focus of this class is motor skills with fun! This is a PARENT INVOLVED program. Participants will receive progress sheets at the end of the session. Register 3 days prior to session start date.


Boys and girls will love to learn basic tumbling floor skills with a touch of parkour to bring out their inner ninja! Conditioning and strengthening skills will be introduced.

Mini Movers

Our parent/child classes promote early motor development, while they explore the gymnastics events. These mostly unstructured classes encourage free play using age-appropriate gymnastics equipment. These kids are moving and gaining independence. Come along as they hop, climb, swing, and balance in this fun filled class!

Gymnastics Together

Introduce your children to gymnastics in one of the YMCA’s parent/child interactive gymnastics classes. Our instructors will lead the class as you assist your child in basic gymnastic skills. Come ready to move and have fun together with your child. Class will not meet during spring break.

Y Dance / Ballet

Style, poise, posture, and discipline are taught in these beginner and advanced ballet classes

Parents are asked to stay outside of all ballet classes so participants can concentrate and focus on the skills being taught. Parents will have the opportunity to see a culmination of skills learned throughout the session on the last day of class.

All-City Track & Field (Training Program and Meet)

(Ages 4-15 yrs) Join us for a unique Track and Field program that culminates with an All-City Track and Field Meet

This program puts emphasis on skill development and sportsmanship. If you are looking to improve your running technique and coordination in the Track & Field events, or gain endurance for another sport, then this is for you!

Participants will spend 4-7 weeks, depending on your center’s practice dates, working on technique and training for up to three events. Participants will receive a uniform representing their YMCA.

They will compete for your Center YMCA Team in two dual meets and at the seasonal (Spring or Fall) All-City Track & Field Meet. Program participants from YMCA’s throughout greater Indianapolis will compete.

Events include relays, dashes, modified shot put, javelin, and long jump.

Check you center’s Program Guides or ask at Member Services for more details on specific practice dates and times.


On the Move – Children Moving

On The Move physical education teaches children ages 3-6 years by themes and blending concepts and skills

Each week is designed to introduce a concept as well as a basic skill from the movement framework. This program is considered gross motor and structured activity for early learners and home-schooled students ages 3-6 year olds. Participants will attend PE class at the Y two-days/week for one hour.

Track & Field

The YMCA Track and Field Program provides an introduction to track and field events

This program puts emphasis on skill development and sportsmanship. If you are looking to improve your running technique and coordination in the Track & Field events, or gain endurance for another sport, then this is for you!

Track Training

Utilize the indoor track to add variety to your cardio workout.

Track / Cross Country Training

Is your child a runner? Does he/she want to improve their abilities?

Then the Y’s Track / Cross Country Training program will keep your child running down the right path.

Not only will the running drills and flexibility training help young runners improve their technique, especially for running long distances, but will help improve their coordination for other sports as well. Our cross country program will compete in our All City Cross Country Meet, and have three dual meets that will be held on Saturdays. Check your center for more details on practice dates and times.

Baseball / Softball / T-Ball Clinics

Athletes of all ages and skill levels are welcome at the YMCA’s Baseball, Softball and T-Ball Clinics!

Our clinics focus on helping athletes, who are new to the sport, build the fundamental baseball skills, such as throwing, batting, field play, and general game procedures. For our more advanced players, we work on developing their skills and practice in the areas of batting, fielding, throwing and base running. Athletes will learn the rules of baseball as well as team concepts and sportsmanship. These clinics are ideal for any youth baseball player looking to improve their baseball skills, or a player who wants to learn the fundamentals of baseball.

Basketball Clinics

The YMCA offers a variety of Basketball Clinics

Athletes will run through various skill drills and agilities to improve their footwork and sharpen their practice skills during the off season.

Futsal Clinics

The YMCA’s Futsal Clinics are designed for athletes who are looking to learn the unique rules of this indoor soccer game.

Athletes practice ball control and passing maneuvers to help improve their skills and techniques.

Little Dribblers Basketball Clinic

Basic basketball skills will be covered in this parent/child interactive class

An important part of the program incorporates socialization skills within the class format. This is a fun learning environment where you can enjoy some time with your kids.

Multi-Sport Try-It Clinic

Have fun trying a few different sports with this clinic

Each week a new sport and games will be introduced including basketball, football, soccer, and t-ball skills. Basic skills will be covered incorporating socialization skills within the class format. A fun learning environment where you can enjoy some time with your kids!

Pee Wee Baseball Clinic

This is a parent/child interactive class meeting weekly for 45 minutes for the duration of the 5-week clinic to teach the basics of baseball.

Pee Wee Soccer Clinic

Geared to help athletes develop sport-specific skills. YMCA trained staff lead players in drills and games designed to develop the fundamental skills required for the sport. When participating in YMCA clinics, participants are sure to improve on skills, make new friends, and have fun. A YMCA clinic is a great lead-up for participating in a class or league setting.

Pee Wee T-Ball Clinic

Introduce your PeeWee the basics of soccer in four week! YMCA trained staff lead players in drills and games designed to develop the fundamental skills required for the sport. When participating in YMCA clinics, participants are sure to improve on skills, make new friends, and have fun. A YMCA clinic is a great lead-up for participating in a class or league setting.

Soccer Clinics

The YMCA Soccer Clinics are a terrific way for athletes to have fun while playing one of the most popular sports in the world!

Athletes have the opportunities to practice and refine their soccer skills through a games-centered teaching approach that enhances each player’s desire for soccer, while teaching proper soccer techniques for future soccer achievement. Throughout our various Soccer Clinics, you will work on various techniques and skills based on your age and level, some of these techniques include dribbling, passing, receiving, shielding, and shooting.

Specialty Clinics

YMCA Specialty Clinics are geared to help athletes, no matter what sport they play, develop specific skills that will help them improve in their sports.

When participating in clinics at the YMCA, participants are sure to improve on skills, make friends and have fun. Clinics at the YMCA are great lead up for participating in a class or league setting at the YMCA. Everyone plays, learns and wins in sports clinics at the YMCA.

YMCA Specialty Clinics are a fantastic chance to focus on skill improvement in a short concentrated burst. A Specialty Clinic can help you quickly enhance your understanding and endurance.

Swimming Clinics

Whether you’re trying the swim event for the first time or are an experienced swimmer looking to earn your personal best

These swimming skills clinics are individually tailored for all experience levels. They are led by experienced coaches. If you need help with starts, the fundamentals, techniques for improving time, turns, or just gaining the confidence to complete the event – these clinics are for you.

Tennis Clinics

The YMCA’s Tennis Clinics are a great way for tennis players of all ages to work on their form and technique!

Our Tennis Clinics focus on major tennis strokes, scoring and match play. Players of all levels are welcome.

Volleyball Clinics

At the Y, our Volleyball Clinics are designed to be developmental, providing athletes of all ages and skill levels, the opportunity to learn the best practices of the sport

Like basketball, volleyball was invented at a YMCA to give members and participants an active game to play indoors. Now volleyball is one of the most popular games at outdoor barbecues, in highschool and collegiate athletics, and even at the Olympics.  Each clinic will help to improve each participants skill and technique.

Pee Wee Basketball

Bring your preschooler and learn the fundamentals of basketball. This PeeWee clinic will make basketball fun for your preschooler, and prepare him or her for participating in a class or league setting.

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