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The YMCS offers a variety of specialty classes, programs and services for teens to help them give back, read ahead, work out, learn a new skill and meet friends.

Youth and Government

Teens (Grades 7-12) Practice Democracy and Civic Engagement

YMCA Youth and Government is a program of the YMCA that involves thousands of teens nationwide in local or state-organized model-government programs. Students from every corner of the U.S. have the opportunity to immerse themselves in experiential civic engagement and to, quite literally, practice democracy. The program is separated into middle school and high school components.

Youth and Government students gain confidence; leadership skills, develop the art of public speaking and the ability to accept defeat without discouragement. They learn to organize ideas clearly, concisely and persuasively. Students have a better understanding of the workings of the government; foster an understanding of other’s problems and understand the concept of unity as it applies to the political process.


  • To provide training and experience in understanding the legislative process
  • To develop critical thinking and analytical abilities
  • To provide active participation in the legislative process
  • To develop interpersonal communication skills
  • To provide awareness of social issues and their possible solutions
  • To provide opportunities to hear and respect varying viewpoints
  • To encourage active participation in political and public affairs


  • Leadership training
  • Public speaking and critical writing workshops
  • Community activism, civic engagement, and applying political leverage
  • Academic enhancement through the development of research, reading, and writing skills

This is a program of The Indiana State Alliance of YMCAs. More information can be found at

or, please contact:

  • Avondale Meadows YMCA – Chris Tolliver – 317.549.9622
  • Baxter YMCA- Kenny Daniels – 317.881.9347
  • Benjamin Harrison YMCA Harrison – Amber Miller – 317.547.9622
  • Hendricks Regional Health YMCA – Alysson Baise – 317.273.9622
  • OrthoIndy Foundation YMCA – Janaule Bennett – 317.297.9622
  • Ransburg YMCA – Amanda Finch – (317) 357-8441

Safe Sitter®

Teens Prepare to be Better, Safer Babysitters

Safe Sitter® classes cover accident prevention, emergency response, child development, behavior management and the business of babysitting. Safe Sitter manual and kit are included. Sign up required. Course content is medically accurate and follows guidelines from the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Teen Leaders Club

Teens Experience Leadership First-Hand at the YMCA

Come discover the leader in you at the Y! Teen Leaders Club provides youth the opportunity for leadership training, personal growth, service to others and social development. Clubs will coordinate and implement service projects, collaborations within their community, college and career exploration, volunteer and fundraising opportunities. Teens lead their club, with adult guidance and mentorship. Learn leadership through community and school service. The Teen Leaders group meets twice a month to discuss and plan upcoming service projects, fundraisers, and Teen Night Events! Teens also have the opportunity to attend state-wide conferences and go on fun trips!

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