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Through our leadership programs, the Y strives to ensure that every young person has an opportunity to envision and pursue a positive future. Building a strong foundation in leadership early in life encourages youth to take an active role in strengthening their communities as adults. Participants in our leadership programs can expect to make new friends, find the support they need and gain the confidence to challenge themselves.


The Y provides a variety of opportunities for teens to get involved in our community as leaders. The Ys leadership programs are tailored to help our teens provide services to others in our community through social development, as well as obtain personal growth.,Safe Sitter® is a nationally recognized instructional program for teens. The new design teaches accident prevention, emergency response, child development, behavior management and the business of babysitting through games, activities, and role plays. Courses are offered at centers, during after school programming, and during summer camp.

Youth and Government

Civic Education

Young people have the opportunity to learn first-hand how our state government works—not by watching, but by doing!

Youth & Government is a national YMCA program for young people in grades 7-12 separated with middle and high school components.  The Model Legislature & Court program brings together young people for a hands-on, unforgettable experience. Participants are trained in various government and court roles in preparation for the annual Model Legislature and Court Conference typically held at the Statehouse each February.

Student Representatives and Senators elect their leadership, research current events, and write all the bills for this year’s program. For these legislators, the Youth in Government experience culminates by debating their bills in the House and Senate floors and seeking signature by the Youth Governor.

The Court program is an opportunity for students to be exposed to the judicial process. They can participate as an attorney or even be elected to serve as a judge on the Supreme Court. Students learn how to examine a court case, and then choose and defend a position. This conference provides delegates an opportunity to learn how to solve community problems through the democratic process as well as debate and discuss issues with their peers from throughout Indiana.

Y-Achievers Program

College and Career Readiness

The YMCA Achievers program of the YMCA of the USA is an academic achievement/career development initiative purposed to help young people set and pursue high educational and career goals. Our vision is for every high school students to have access to college and other career readiness resources through committed leaders and dedicated organizations in the community. We help young people identify what success means to them and what steps they need to take to achieve their goals.

The program is delivered through workshops, mentoring, college tours and more. Through a multi-faceted approach, Y Achievers incorporates Core Program Components, The Five Pillars, and the 6 to 16 Curriculum. The latter includes a set of online learning experiences that give students the beliefs, knowledge, skills, and support to successfully complete high school and post-secondary opportunities.

Teen Leaders Club

Teens Experience Leadership First-Hand at the YMCA

Come discover the leader in you at the Y! Teen Leaders Club provides youth the opportunity for leadership training, personal growth, service to others and social development. Clubs will coordinate and implement service projects, collaborations within their community, college and career exploration, volunteer and fundraising opportunities. Teens lead their club, with adult guidance and mentorship. Learn leadership through community and school service. The Teen Leaders group meets twice a month to discuss and plan upcoming service projects, fundraisers, and Teen Night Events! Teens also have the opportunity to attend state-wide conferences and go on fun trips!

Youth Advisory Council

Teens, Join the Advisory Council and Have Your Say

The YMCA Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a structured youth-led governance body that serves the mission of promoting and improving teen programming throughout the Avondale Meadows YMCA. YAC determines program direction, provides input on policy and plans fundraising events and activities.

Teen L.I.F.E.

Teens Learn Essential Skills for Everyday Living

Learning Important Favorable Education or L.I.F.E., is a class that will teach high school aged kids important everyday life skills. We will discuss specified topics such as how to file taxes, how to tip servers, researching jobs, creating a budget, etc.

Real Talk

Christian Fellowship Program for Teens

Looking for a program to help your child explore Christianity in a safe and supportive atmosphere? The YMCA offers a free teen Christian program for kids ages 11-18 the third Thursday of every month from 4:30-5:30pm. Teens will meet at the Y and will have guest speakers, fellowship, and a little of the “spoken” word.

Teen Service Trips

Teens Gain Leadership Skills and Confidence Volunteering in the Community

Do you want to do something different and unique for your spring break? Join us our one of our teen service trips! We will travel to many different domestic locations while taking part in the service activities and learning what it is to be an active volunteer in your community. This is a great trip for you and your friends to do together. Not only will you get to visit a new area in the US you will get a chance to serve like you have never served before.

Safe Sitter®

Safe Sitter® is a nationally recognized instructional program for teens. The new design teaches accident prevention, emergency response, child development, behavior management and the business of babysitting through games, activities, and role-plays. Courses are offered at centers, during after-school programming, and during summer camp.

Safe Sitter®

Teens Prepare to be Better, Safer Babysitters

Safe Sitter® classes cover accident prevention, emergency response, child development, behavior management and the business of babysitting. Safe Sitter manual and kit are included. Sign up required. Course content is medically accurate and follows guidelines from the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Girl Scout Exclusive Safe Sitter®

Earn Your Babysitting Merit Badge

If you have a troop or a Girl Scout who needs to earn their babysitting badge, we have partnered with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana to offer Girl Scout only classes. We offer the same course content as the Safe Sitter® course.

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