Find Sports Clinics

Clinics are geared to help athletes develop sport-specific skills. YMCA trained staff lead players in drills and games designed to develop the fundamental skills required for the sport. Participants are sure to improve on skills, make new friends and have fun. A YMCA clinic is a great lead-up for participating in a class or league setting.

Youth Basketball Clinic

Basketball Clinics
Interactive skill development lead by the YMCA’s best youth basketball coaches. YMCA basketball clinics will help prepare your athlete for wherever basketball will take them, by developing a “love” of the sport.

Youth Soccer Clinic

Soccer Clinics
Athletes have the opportunities to practice and refine their soccer skills through a games-centered teaching approach lead by the YMCA’s best youth soccer coaches.  Soccer clinics focus on developing the heart of the sports. 

Youth Baseball Clinic

Baseball Clinics
YMCA baseball clinics are the perfect place to start your young athlete.  Our clinics helping athletes, who are new to the sport, build the fundamental baseball skills, such as throwing, batting, field play, and general game procedures.

Youth Multi-Sport Clinic

Multi-Sport Try-it Clinics
Take your time and try it all.  Not all athletes are the same. It can take time to figure out what sports hold your passion.  The YMCA’s multi-sport clinic is the perfect way to “try it out”.

Youth Track & Field Clinic

Track and Field Clinic
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