Find Soccer / Futsal Programs

The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis offers both Soccer and Futsal, which is a version of indoor soccer, as part of our sports programs and activities. Whether you are looking for a competitive league or a recreational fun environment, the Y can help you learn the game, improve your skills and have fun!


Youth Sports Rec leagues are played entirely at your YMCA. They are powered by parent volunteers and promote equal playtime and teamwork. Jersey is included and no travel is required.


Rec + leagues include everything our rec leagues do, plus a little more. Focus on further development of fundamentals in instructional clinics led by partner organizations such as TNBA and Futsal Indy. Uniform are an additional fee and travel to local YMCAs is required.


Youth Soccer League Rec

YMCA soccer is designed to encourage participation and having fun
Kids are taught basic game skills such as trapping, dribbling, passing and shooting as well as goalie skills.

Youth Soccer League All City

Youth Soccer is an exciting sport combining team play and individual skills.
Your child will learn to dribble, pass and strike the ball correctly and the positions of the game. We use coaching methods where your child will learn the sport and have fun! Every child plays while making friends and learning new techniques.

Youth Soccer Clinic

Soccer Clinics
Athletes have the opportunities to practice and refine their soccer skills through a games-centered teaching approach lead by the YMCA’s best youth soccer coaches.  Soccer clinics focus on developing the heart of the sports. 

Through positive reinforcement and coach interaction our clinics will enhance each player’s desire for soccer, while teaching proper soccer techniques for future soccer achievement. Throughout our various Soccer Clinics, you will work on various techniques and skills based on your age and level, some of these techniques include dribbling, passing, receiving, shielding, and shooting. Each session will have practice once a week for 4 weeks.

Youth Futsal League Rec

Youth Futsal provides an exciting opportunity for kids who may be new to the sport of soccer
Participants can thrive in our futsal league because it will be utilized as a developmental opportunity focused on skill development, ball control, and body awareness.

Youth Futsal League All City

Futsal leagues focus on skill development and will be game-only leagues
Practice sessions will occur directly before the games. Players will develop their dribbling, passing and finishing techniques while building the necessary confidence to succeed in outdoor soccer.
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